Failure to Communicate

Posted on Friday April 17th, 2020 @ 6:30pm by Lieutenant Carmina Barbossa & Ensign Murray Campbell-Mckay & Captain Cayne Morrigan & Lieutenant Mavet & Lieutenant Gypsy Sage & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jordan Emerson MD & Lieutenant Katherine Briggen & Lieutenant Maerynn

Mission: Two Sides of Every Story
Location: UMS 42 | Vorl | Deck One | Conference Room 4

With the Captain informed and made well aware of the situation, a decision was made. They had their Union orders to proceed. It certainly was not how the crucial members of the Mining Station's crew would want to start their morning or end their late early hour shift, but they had been summoned to Conference Room number four for a reason. There was a Civil War brewing on the Keribex home world. This was a priority order from Union Central, an all hands on deck sort of situation.

As Lieutenant Barbossa, Captain Morrigan, and Ensign Campbell-McKay walked into an already packed conference room, Carmina could read the room rather efficiently. It was a mixed bag of expressions ranging from the 'what now face' to the 'why am I here' face to the 'I just want to sleep' face. "Grab yourselves some coffee folks, you may want to make it espresso because we're in for a rough morning," said the Executive Officer taking a seat.

Murray had walked in with the Captain and his Executive Officer, and was already well aware of what was going on at Security Chief for the mining station. He scurried off the where the food and beverage synthesizer was and ordered himself a large hot mug of espresso. "Nothin' like espresso and a Civil War in the mornin' ta get started," he said with bitter sarcasm as he took his seat. "Oops sorry. Spoiler alert people," he added.

Gypsy had been up for hours. When the call came in to meet in the conference room she had but to finish her tea and clear her desk of the reports. She'd worked most of the night on getting her office ready and welcoming. She'd unpacked it all but her quarters were still in shambles. She had stood there feeling satisfied with her work. At least this part of her life would be ordered for now. She'd arrived on the heels of XO and had quickly gotten a coffee seating herself near the end of the large conference table.

The XO glared at Murray. Way to tee up, she thought with her look in his direction. Honestly, she could not blame him for jumping into the heart of the matter, but she had planned to do it more gently than that. "Mavet, it's the Keribex situation that the Union has been monitoring. There have been recent escalations," she said the Media Relations Officer.

Captain Cayne Morrigan stood at the end of the table for a few moments, until everyone was seated. "Apparently, the Keribex situation is out of hand. I guess they have been fighting among themselves for several years now. There has been rumor that they might be ready for peace talks, but now we have the official word that they are." He pulled on the hem of his uniform smartly and sat down. "Guess where they're coming for peace talks?" He looked at the people around him.

"Let me guess," Jordon replied. "Here?"

"Fuck me oozing," Mavet groaned. "Why in the flaming blue nebula would Union Central pick this backwater scrotum sack for diplomatic peace relations? Even worse--how am I going to spit shine said scrotum sack with you lot running around like a bunch of rutting animals in a nature preserve?" The cynical Gelatin let out an extended groan. "Somebody get me an espresso. Not a cup, just the machine so I can crawl in it."

Cayne snorted in humor. "I'll find you one as soon as possible and yes. They picked here. I'm not sure why they picked here either. Maybe it is because we're backwater. I don't know. Regardless, their delegates are going to come here and talk. I'm open to suggestions on how to best handle this..." He leaned back in his chair and tapped his fingers on the table, looking around at the people gathered.

Kat had entered un noticed thankfully and stood quietly listening and smiling at Mavet's sarcasm.

Gypsy jumped in. "We should prepare facilities that have common elements to both sides and a proper welcome for each culture. Do we know if they are arriving together or separately?"

Carmina interjected, "This backwater scrotum sack, Mavet is still a Union station. Mining or otherwise, it's Union and they want the Union's assistance. It seems like we were selected because we are far enough from Keribex to be seen as neutral and it's relatively quiet here," she stated.

"So is any restaurant after a rodent infestation," countered Murray. "Ideally, they are arriving separately, Lieutenant; however, that's the 'best' part," said Murray sarcastically. He looked at the Executive Officer. "You may have the honor," he added.

Murray was an asshole on a station full of assholes. Carmina rolled her eyes. "Right. So, we were requested to go to Keribex to pick up one of the representatives," she announced. She looked at Cayne. "Captain, I volunteer myself to take a small crew in a shuttle to go to Keribex."

"Avis damn it," Mavet muttered aloud, invoking the ominous name of the Krill god. "Now we have to fetch them too? That means we're also responsible for taking them home, too. Oh, what I wouldn't give for an infectious plague right about now. Something nice and croupy."

"I would appreciate our not joking about something like an infectious disease, it's neither funny or anything to joke about. You don't want to see your worst enemy die of something like that."

Mavet snorted. "Nobody needs to die. Just get enough sick to relocate the peace talks. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

"Infectious plague aside, I agree, Lieutenant Barbossa. Pick a small team and pick up our delegate," Cayne responded. "Does anyone know the political situation we're dealing with? It seems a little funny to me that one delegate would need a ride, while the other has transportation?" He shrugged. "I mean, I guess we've run into people before that didn't share their technology with each other. I guess that could be the case here."

Gypsy just stared at the lot. "I will go. As the counselor I have experience with diplomatic protocol but if chosen I have a small request."

Carmina was leading this 'team' to pick up the diplomat. So, it was ultimately on her. Fortunately, Gypsy was already on her mental shortlist though her volunteering was appreciated. "Of course Lieutenant Sage. I was hoping you would join me on this," replied Carmina.

"Might I suggest we take a non Union security officer. It might be a little unorthodox but might be worth it."

"And you should take a doctor with you, there might be a need for one."

"Sounds pretty full up," Mavet said. "I might as well stay here and keep the appointment I have with my industrial paint sprayer."

Maerynn had sat quietly, listening to everyone. Mavet was quickly getting on her nerves... if she actually had them. It seemed that there were a good number of... abrasive personalities on this station. This was going to need very careful managing. "Aside from myself, Phelan Sabrehagen is my best pilot," she offered. "Though I would be interested in taking on this job." Her amber eyes flicked between the CO and XO. "Unless you would prefer I remain here."

Carmina smiled. The volunteering was certainly appreciated. "Lieutenant Sage, Lieutenant Maerynn, and Doctor Jordan," the Executive Officer said. "And if you can spare her, Lieutenant Briggen," added Carmina. "I don't want to be threatening with security and I'm fairly confident we can handle ourselves should anything arise."

Cayne nodded. "Alright. Get it done. With some sense of decorum please. I asked to speak to someone who I could tell this was a bad idea and he or she kept disconnecting us. So, no help there. Sorry, Mavet..."

Gypsy made a few notes. This would prove to be interesting... in what way she had not yet figured out. "How long will the journey be to pick up our guest?"

Cayne looked at Murray and Carmina. He knew the information was probably on the tablet in front of him, but he also knew that one of the two of the officers could probably tell him off the top of their heads.

At the mention of her name Kat stood tall, "Er... excuse me but you want me to go and pickup who...? Why me, may I ask." she said looking in shock.

Gypsy was now seeing why they'd tried to discourage her from requesting this assignment but it also made her more determined to integrate and help. She smiled to herself noticing Cayne looking at her. She quickly wiped the smile off her face, choosing to smile on the inside.

Carmina looked at Briggs. "I want you with us on this one because of the distance we're traveling by shuttle and where we are going. I cannot guarantee a warm welcome nor a safe departure. If the shuttle is attacked and or damaged for whatever reason, I feel it prudent to have the Chief Engineer with us."

"Uh huh... oh friggen horse shit! I hate shuttles cause they are small and cramped. However, Carmina is right, I am the Chief so I guess I have to go. Damn it and I was going to go to the movies with Mavet too!" she said sadly.

Gypsy sighed. "Have we covered everything?"

"No," Mavet said. "Like what are we supposed to do when they get here, and what are we going to do in the meantime?"

"I would suggest in the mean time preparations are made for their arrival and as to when they get here. Maybe added security and lots of good food?"

"Aye" replied Murray. "Ya can bet your arse I'll be increasin' security at least a wee bit more 'round crucial areas. Last thing we need is another riot on this blood stained station."

She thought a moment. Gypsy stepped in again, addressing both Murray and Cayne. "Might I make an unorthodox suggestion with respect to security?"

Murray smiled at the lass. "Aye ye may. I canno' say I'll agree with ya, but I'm all ears, lovely," he replied. "What's your unorthodox suggestion?"

"We have Bounty Hunters on the station. It is vital that we utilize them as security in this case. I'm sure that Captain Mackenzie would help."

"Bounty Hunters?!" Mavet exclaimed. "It's hard enough covering up after the Union Fleet vertebrates! Now you want to give law badges to Bounty Hunters who only answer to the highest bidder?! If I had salivary glands I would spit."

"He's not like that. The Union has asked them to help where they can." She sighed. "I can speak with him if you like."

Cayne was only slightly paying attention at all. He seemed to be more focused on his data tablet. He did look up from it at the mention of the bounty hunters. "I've tried to ask him for his help... he didn't seem very amiable, but I think it's a good idea as well. If he can add another level of strong arm we would appreciate it. Look, sorry to cut this short, but I have to go. Please feel free to continue with this discussion..." Cayne stood, tucking his tablet under one arm and headed for the door.

Gypsy excused herself too with a promise to talk with MacKenzie. She followed Cayne out. "Sir."

Well, apparently, that's the end of the meeting? Maerynn looked at those still in the room, then let her gaze hold on the security chief. "Is there anything you need from myself or my people that we aren't already doing, security-wise?" Yes, her people were basically in charge of the shuttles, the bays, etc. But that didn't mean they wouldn't help on their own time if needed. She knew most of them likely would, in fact.

"Bleedin' shuttles, so damn small given' me cramps in thee arse!", Kat muttered outloud as she got up to leave. Heading for heroffice still muttering she packed her tools and a few other items that might be needed on this so called long ride.

Maerynn chuckled softly at Kat's remark. She did not take it personally. She hadn't designed the shuttles, after all. But they were roomier than some she had flown, so it amused her to hear the complaint about their size. She left the room and went to prepare a shuttle for this trip.

Carmina cleared her throat and stood. "Meeting adjourned. You have your orders. Carry them out to the best of your abilities" she said swiftly.