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Accidental Drowning?

Posted on Wednesday December 18th, 2019 @ 1:01am by Captain Cayne Morrigan & Lieutenant Mavet & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jordan Emerson MD & Lieutenant Katherine Briggen

Mission: Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Everything Gone?
Location: Med Bay
Timeline: Immediately after Gelatin Troubles


Captain Cayne Morrigan made his way through the busy shopping district on deck two of Issi. He had been called to the Medical Bay for an emergency that he didn't quite understand. It was top priority for him to get over there, but it was also shift change for the miners and the station's shopping and restaurant district was packed with people. Cayne hated the press of crowds. It made him feel violated. He wasn't sure if it was his dislike of being touched or something else, but it was always super frustrating to dodge his way across a crowded area.

By the time he made his way across the district to the medical bay, he was thinking that he might need to be admitted as well. He stood outside the double doors of the med bay and took several deep breaths, letting them out slowly until his heart stopped racing. He was sure that he was probably red-faced when he walked into the large open room. Drowning? Really? Was that what was happening on his station? Where was there enough water to even drown in? Simulators?

Doctor Jordan Emerson slammed a fist down on the table. The power had fluctuated and his cardio-bypass machine, an older model that he'd already complained about and requested a replacement from Union command, had just gone offline.

He chided himself inwardly, frustration wasn't going to help his patient and then reverted to his Boy Scout, not his Union Medical training, and began to perform mouth-to-mouth and CPR.

"Breathe, Kat!" Mavet cried out. "For God's sake, breathe or whatever it is you vertebrates have to do to not die!"

It took about three minutes, but Kat took a gurgling ragged breath and coughed hard. Semi alive, she heard Mavet's plea's not to die and she smiled between coughs. "Me not dead yet, me love," she said, coughing some more. "I wouldn' die, my love, me bein' in love wit ye Mavet. Let's get married me love," Kat said and laid back, looking at him.

Jordon let out a long ragged breath of his own. There was relief etched in his face when Kat started breathing on her own. But, as the romantic talk between the two started to escalate he couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Well, I'm afraid that you'll have to wait to hear Here Comes The Bride, you almost died and I'm going to want to keep you here at least overnight and possibly another day, under observation."

With a groan of relief, Mavet absorbed the chunk of protoplasm that had flown out of Kat's lungs. "Is she okay, Doc? She sounds a little... you know." Mavet's mouth clicked as he said, "cuckoo!"

Jordan turned towards him with a raised brow. "Physically she'll be fine. I'm just keeping her here, for now, to make sure she is fully recovered. You'd have to speak to the counselor as to her mental state. Near-death experiences can be traumatic, but I don't think that's the case here. Besides, you do realize that she's claiming to love you. Her taste might be a tad unconventional, but I wouldn't look a gift-horse in the mouth. Her feelings do work in your favor."

Captain Cayne Morrigan burst through the doors of the Medical Bay, out of breath, his face flushed red. "What the hell happened?" he demanded as he rounded the corner and making his way toward the treatment bed with his Chief Engineer laid out on it. She seemed to be alive, which was better then the first news he had heard.

He came to a stop at the foot of the bed and eyed Lieutenant Mavet and then turned his gaze to Dr. Emerson. His face twitched in aggravation. He was clearly trying not to jump to any conclusions, but he obviously was doing just that, his facial expression giving him away. He waited for the explanation though, biting the inside of his lower lip in an attempt to keep his mouth shut.

"I don't know the details," Jordon replied. "You'd have to ask them. I was doing a little research when she was brought in. I've been focusing on saving her life so I haven't been trying to guess what happened. I have a few ideas, but I'm a doctor, not a counselor. You'd have to ask them for the details."

Cayne tore his eyes away from Lieutenant Briggen, who still seemed to be recovering and leveled his gaze at Lieutenant Mavet. "Thank you, Doctor. I'm glad that Lieutenant Briggen will be alright. Lieutenant Mavet," he said in a serious voice. "What happened?"

"In a word: coitus." Mavet didn't quiver or flinch as he said it. If anything, he sounded boastful. "Wildly experimental, deeply exfoliating coitus that... led us here. But all's well that ends well, right?"

Jordan's resolve to keep a straight face broke at that moment. Not only did he break that vow to himself, but he went further and burst out laughing at the comment.

Wide eyed, Cayne looked at the laughing doctor and blinked slowly. For a moment he couldn't decide what to do, then he decided to ignore the laughter and his gaze returned to Mavet. "You... killed her during sex? Is this normal behavior or result?" He was trying to remain calm, of course, his face was giving away how very messed up he was starting to think this was.

Kat was breathing better now, "Captain it was consensual. Mavet was learning how humans experience love and sex. From your standpoint, it must sound gross and unappealing. But, love overcomes all things and as much as Mavet feels, I am in love with him and I have forgiven him."

"Hot damn!" Mavet said.

Captain Morrigan looked between the two of them and then stared at the doctor as if Emerson had some sort of answer for this behavior. His eyebrows went through a series of emotions. "Just so I'm clear, for the official record. This was an accident? And everything is fine with all participating parties?" It really wasn't that it was fine that confused him. It was the sex part. Not that he held anything against Gellies.

"Oh, it's not like I ate her," Mavet said. "I hear some of you multi-celled lifeforms do that after mating."

Unlike the Captain, Jordan did find the situation amusing. At least after the initial emergency had been dealt with.

He shrugged his shoulders. "I'm just glad the two of you are okay. Not to sound trite or funny, but you two should think about coming up with some options for safe sex . Everything turned out alright this time, but that might not be the case next time."

"Does that mean we're clear for round two?" Mavet asked. As freaked out as he'd been by Kat's declaration of love, he did like the idea of regular saturation.

"I think you ought to give it forty-eight hours to make sure there are no other issues."

Cayne blinked, his surprise and effort to deal with the situation was showing clearly on his face. He started to nod. "Alright... Alright. Everything's alright." It seemed he was talking more to himself than anyone around him. "I'm... since... everything is in order I'm going to go back to my office..." He turned to leave, then turned back to the group again, as if he had something to say, then he turned again and headed out of sickbay.

"Mavet, can you make your lips again? I want to kiss you for being here with me," Kat said softly.

A large lump of biogelatinous mass formed itself roughly to equal the shape and size of Kat's mouth, and then pressed against her. Carefully so, of course, to prevent another accident.

Kissing the green lips tenderly, "Mavet, I do love you with all my heart".



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