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Gelatin Troubles

Posted on Friday October 25th, 2019 @ 9:50pm by Lieutenant Katherine Briggen & Lieutenant Mavet

Mission: Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Everything Gone?
Location: Simulator
Timeline: Current

Kat had basically accepted Mavet as a fellow officer. After the past few days of being around his gelatinous state, Kat had started to get used to seeing him and on a few occasions to allow him to touch her hand. The thought of it made her wrinkle her nose, but she was getting used to it slowly. Then Kat had an idea! 'Why not invite him to a simulator and get to know him a little better. Maybe even get rid of the yuck feeling of him touching her.

"Lt. Mavet, Kat here, would you like to meet me in the simulator get together?", she said, turning slightly green at the gills.

Delighted for the sudden surprise, Mavet couldn't accept the offer fast enough. "I'll be right there, sweetness."

And he slithered as fast as his gelatinous mass could move.

Upon arriving to the simulator, Mavet really didn't know what to expect. "Honey?" he called out in uncertainty. "I'm home?"

Kat had pre programed a spa type of place. It contained mud pits, a cool pool of green goo, she had even put in a steam room and a swimming pool. She had put tables for massages and even a snack bar with tropical music to boot.

"Oh Mavet there you are you wonderful", swallowing hard, "goo!", she said.

The greeting made Mavet halt in his track. "So, I've got to assume you don't know this, otherwise you're just a dick," he began crassly. "'Goo' is one of those things that we can call each other but a vertebrate can't."

"Did I say the wrong word Mavet? I am so sorry.....I did not know!!!", Kat said crying.

"Cheer up, dollface," Mavet said. "I ain't offended or anything. Most people don't know how to be respectful to a Gelatin, and I just figured, since we might be getting more acquainted tonight, you'd need to know better." His eyeless face scanned the various accouterments of the room, which then prompted a lusty giggle. "Looks like you have quite an evening planned."

Smiling, " I tried to make it pleasurable for both of us. I wanted to learn' more about you.....your world. What I mean is I would like feel comfortable around you and not squeamish. You bein' more than kind to me an' makin' me laugh the way you do makes me wantin' to.....oh hell...Mavet I'm tryin' to be your friend and maybe a wee bit more!", Kat spat out the words.

"More, you say?" Mavet oozed forward and slithered around her feet. "Do tell."

Yes Kat was getting used to his gelatinous as he moved around her feet. "I hope that we could become....well maybe a couple for a while?", she quieried.

Mavet cackled in delight. "Are you saying you'd like to go for a swim in Lake Mavet? Because I can oblige. Just tell Daddy whether you like more of an acidic or alkakine texture. Think of it like a face mask for your entire body."

Kat shuddered a little before she acted. Reaching down she held out her hand for Mavet to touch her hand. Closing her eyes tightly she tried to imagine a pool of water that had lilies in it and feeling the softness of the leaves on her hand.

"You've bathed recently," Mavet said. "I can feel the soap residue. I... kinda' like it." He gave a lusty chuckle and slowly inched his way up her arm toward her elbow. "Wow. You're a buff lady."

In all reality the experience wasn't all that bad. It felt weird and strange as she felt the gelatinous appendage move from her hand to her elbow. "Mavet, 'buff lady'? Whatever does that mean?", Kat asked.

"Your muscular definition. I like it." Mavet oozed further up her shoulder and began undulating around her entire limb like a hydraulic line. "How about a massage?"

"Why yes, I think I just might be likn' that", Kat said, trying not to think the worst. Who knows it might even feel good for all she knew.

Mavet's ooze engulfed her entire upper body, leaving only her head and legs exposed. The gelatinous mass undulated somewhere between a coiled snake and digestive enzymes within a stomach lining. "Ohhhhhh yeeahhh, that's good!" The words were mildly garbled by Mavet's face being stretched across Kat's torso. "Now tell Daddy Mavet how you like it."

It was a strange sensation to suddenly be engullfed by Mavet. It was true what he had said about how his body made her muscles relax under the gelatinous movement of Mavet's body. "Ohhhhh Mavet, I had no idea.......this bein' wonderful feelin' on my sore muscles. Kat was beginning to really relax. "Mavet this is wonderfull!", Kat said sharply as the sensation suddenly gave her a sensual feeling she never experienced before. "Oh my god! Mavet......"

"You know what they say: 'Once you go Gelatin, you'll never want a skeleton.'" Mavet slowly spread down her hips and legs, stretching himself to the limits of his viscosity. The experience was electrifying, like the time he immersed himself in a power conduit, except this was with a person and not a plasma grid. Far more holes to explore. The little ones were pores, or at least that sounded right. He saturated them, absorbed her natural oils, and then retreated over and over in a deep cleaning cycle. "Yeah, baby, you like that?" His voice was slurred from the stretching.

Kat was so enveloped in the incredible sensations and exciting feelings, she didn't have time to think about the gelatnious grossness. She was lost in how erotic she felt. "Mavet do you always do this?" she asked.

Silence carried so long that it almost seemed like he wouldn't answer. The gyrations slowed to a stop. "No... I mean, people have let me touch them out of curiosity and what-not, but I've never gone this far." A large chunk of himself pulled away in order to press upward to her face where his mouth reformed. "Is it okay?"

"Yes Mavet", Kat said dreamily. She was in such a state of eroticism that she leaned into his gelatinous mouth and kissed him.

Mavet mumbled in distress through the kiss and pulled away. "What the fuck? Was that your tongue?!"

"Yes Mavet that was my tongue. That is how humans kiss when in love", Kat said softly. "I have an idea...what if you were to join would be like having our version of a romp in bed? Then you might experience genuine love Mavet", she said expectantly.

Mavet's prehensile mouth gulped nervously. "You mean...go all the way?" He'd never done that before. Had any Gelatin? It was tempting. A little scary, but mostly tempting. "Well, all right. Here goes!"

Kissing. Mavet did his best to copy Kat, even including a makeshift tongue. She had been rather forceful, so he reciprocated. Apparently she liked it if her spasming was any indication. After a few minutes, he oozed himself out of Kat's mouth and giggled like a giddy schoolboy.

"How was that?"

No response.

"Kat? Kat, are you okay?"

She didn't move.

"Oh God! Kat! I'll get help! Don't move! I mean, don't die! Oh, shit, shit, shit!" Mavet scrambled toward the comm panel on the wall. "Medical team to the simulator! Medical now!"


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