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Hit Me, Baby, One More Time

Posted on Friday May 17th, 2019 @ 4:24pm by Lieutenant Mavet & Lieutenant Katherine Briggen

Mission: Welcome to Union Mining Station Number 42
Location: UMS 42, Crew Quarters (Issi asteroid)

Mavet had went to the command level only to find that the captain was unavailable, yet expected him to attend a meeting on his first day.

"What an asshole," he'd said. And not only once.

At least the cabin listing was available, which mean Mavet could lay claim to his little slice of Hell. The planet below was officially called Shurn, but that probably meant "Hell" in one language or another. If not, then it did now.

So engrossed Mavet was in his brooding that he failed to make way for a pedestrian. Damned bipedals and their privileged feet never did watch where they were going. A small sized shoe, perhaps an 8 by Mavet's seasoned estimation, stepped into his side.

"Fuck you," he started to say, then he saw the beautiful specimen that defied the ugly vertebrate stereotype. "I mean, thank you, my lady, for gracing this cold, ugly rock with your beautiful countenance!"

Kat, being an Irish farm kid was used to stepping in things that squished but this was a bit different. It spoke! "Jumpin' milicuty, what the pig shit?! Holy Hanna.....what....who are you?", she stammered, removing her foot from.....whatever it was.

Not too bright, but a nice ass. Just what the doctor ordered. "Never met a Gelatin before, I take it," Mavet said, trying his damnedest to keep his tone pleasant. "That's all right. We're becoming more common in the Union fleet, so I'm glad I get to be your first."

Heh heh heh heh...

"The name's Mavet. What might yours be?" He extended an ecoplasmic limb from his central mass to grasp her hand and bring it toward the gaping maw that passed for lips to give it a passing kiss.

"Ewwwwwww OH MY GOD! It DOES talk! Don't you dare touch me you mountainous glob of goo!", Kat shrieked taking a few steps backward tripping over a piece of equipment.

"My apologies, I'm not sure which dipshit left that piece of equipment in the corridor," Mavet said. He rose up a few feet to be closer to Katherine's face. "But, yes, I can talk--it's sort of my job--and if you sit on my face, I'll tell you I love you."

Kat swung a left fist straight in his face and the right into the side of what she thought was his head. "You impudent.....slug! What kin' of woman ye be tinkin' I am?", she said wrinkling her nose in utter disgust.

"Well, if you want dinner and a movie first, I'd be happy to oblige," Mavet said with a tone slicker than his oozy texture.

"Dina' nothin' stop ye mouth ye slime ball?", she said. Just the thought of having dinner was enough to turn her gut upside down let alone watching him eat, but the movie sounded some what good. "What n' ye be tinkin' to see?", she added, "Mavet", grimacing at the thought.

"A little hinie, if you're offering." Mavet formed a wriggling brow over his grinning mouth. "You know what they say: 'once you go gelatinous, ain't no other happiness'."

"Oh god, ye arn' lookin' like some one I be beddin' with but ye have a humor the makes me laugh. Maybe me be havin' some laughs with ye later on. I like ye Mavet, you makin' me laugh the way ye do", Kat stated, looking at the gelatinous state.

Mavet's wide smile filled half his body at that. "Oh, baby, I can make you laugh, cry, and shout. Come into my tub if you ever want to see for yourself."

All Kat could do was wrinkle her nose in pure disgust, "Um, not right now. Maybe in the future perhaps", she said trying to be as polite as she could given the circumstances.

As she hurried away from the forward Gelatin, Mavet raised a membranous arm and snapped after her. "Catch ya on the flip side!"

Lt. Katherine Briggen
Chief Engineering Officer
Union Mining Station 42


Lieutenant Mavet
Media Relations Specialist
Union Mining Station 42


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