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We're Not Like The Others

Posted on Thursday May 23rd, 2019 @ 11:03am by Captain Cayne Morrigan & Lieutenant Carmina Barbossa & Lieutenant Mavet & Lieutenant Chris Wayne & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jordan Emerson MD & Civilian . & Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Darr & Ensign Murray Campbell-Mckay & Lieutenant Katherine Briggen

Mission: Welcome to Union Mining Station Number 42
Location: The Dead Canary
Timeline: October 1st, 2421


Captain Cayne Morrigan stood at the window in his office and looked out at the planet below and the stars all around them. He felt fortunate to be working for the Union again and not still rotting in jail, but at what cost? He had a long list of things that needed doing, needed repaired, needed to be talked about. The station was in chaos. Slowly, they were beginning to sort it out, but it had already been a long road to get everything back up and running.

The condition of the station was far from their only looming issue. There were talks on the horizon. Talks with the miners and the Worker's Union. Cayne had an initial meeting date and deadline to have the station back up and running, but the Union had pushed that back. It was a relief when they had originally moved the date, but now that new date was looming as well. Admiral Dent had been firm when he had contacted Cayne, that there would be no more extensions. Now they had a week. A week to meet with the Worker's Union and try and straighten all of this out for good.

Cayne was not a Captain that liked meetings or meeting rooms. Meeting rooms felt so tight to him, sterile... a lot like jail. He preferred just about anywhere aside from that. Fortunately, for him, there was a perfect location aboard the Station. A location that Cayne knew would put everyone at ease and allow them to do some real thinking, without being stifled by a tight, sterile room.

The Dead Canary, the name said it all, was everything and more, a tavern, a lounge, a place for social gathering. It looked upscale, yet steampunk in design. An Earth literary buff would easily be able to find the basis for The Dead Canary out of horror writer Stephen King's novel The Shining, but it was more than just that. Black, gold and red were strummed about the simulated room with crystal chandeliers and brass sconces, adding to the almost Gatsby like decorum. It was in good, albeit questionable, taste. The waitstaff wore black and canary yellow dinner jackets with white button- up dress shirts and bow ties. The bartender wore red and everything was crisp.

The music in The Dead Canary rotated about from simple piano tunes to soothing jazz to big band and swing depending on the night and who was playing. Brass and wood bar stools encompassed the inverted C-shaped, horseshoe-like bar. A dozen or so circular tables were sprawled around the large open room with two to four chairs strategically placed about at each of the tables. The flooring was as simulated as just about everything else, a mixture of dark brown linoleum tiles and carpet with geometric hexagonal shapes of golden-rod orange, a deep red, and black. The red and golden-rod yellow carried over to the decor of the bar with a wall of glass bottles of a variety of colored liquids contained within.

The walls were black and that golden-rod orange in color. Black with planets, rings, satellites, and telescopes printed on the walls. Golden yellow chaise lounge chairs were placed about the dining area, near a baby grand piano. It was the ideal location for their first meeting. It would set a tone and perhaps a precedent of not being quite so stuffy. Cayne felt it sent a message to the crew that they could be themselves around him. He sat down at the bar and ordered his favorite drink, a Long Island Iced Tea and waited for his staff to arrive. He had invited more of the staff than he would expect to normally attend these meetings, but it was their first, so he thought it important that not only Department Heads be included, but their assistants as well and several other staff members.

Jordan Emerson, the new Station Doctor had a pretty eclectic taste when it came to places to live, play, socialize or dine and he had done each of those things in some pretty different and exotic settings. The Dead Canary was a little more upscale for his tastes, a little too ostentatious, but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle or get used to.

The Captain, who he had yet to meet, had told everyone that they should dress casually, so he had taken him at his word. Jordan was dressed in a pair of navy chinos and a slightly lighter short-sleeved polo shirt. Normally he would have left the top two buttons undone, but had opted to not be quite so casual and so had buttoned them all. On his feet were a pair of khaki colored ankle-length hiking boots.

He entered the room where the event was taking place and ordered a gin and tonic from a passing waiter, before looking around for other members of the Station's crew.

"What a shit hole." Mavet had made his entrance and felt his observations were sufficient for such an appraisal. It took a little navigating to avoid the waitstaff, but life as a Gelatin in a bipedal galaxy kept him spry. After wandering in circles, Mavet gave up and raised his voice for all to hear. "Alright, which one of you chumps is the captain?!"

Captain Morrigan had just put his drink to his lips when Mavet demanded to know where he was. He almost spit his drink. He did manage to raise his hand, despite sputtering. When he finally managed to swallow his drink. "I suppose I would be that... chump?" He tipped his head to one side, examining the Gelatin.

Turning to the old guy with his hand in the air, Mavet found his appraisal of the captain fared no better than that of his chosen establishment. He oozed his way toward Cayne and said in a droll tone, "Hi. I'm Mavet, the station's new media specialist. Consider me formally checked in."

Cayne chuckled and nodded. "Captain Cayne Morrigan, nice to meet you, Mavet. You are formally checked in," he said with amusement. "You will be staying for the meeting, correct?" the captain asked.

The hissing sound Mavet made could've been a sigh or seething frustration. "If I must..."

Jordan raised his brow ever so slightly at the Gelatin's actions. He'd dealt with a few in his time, so he wasn't shocked by the way he had introduced himself. Nevertheless, he was mildly surprised and amused.

Walking over to the captain, he extended his hand. "Jordan Emerson," he said, a deadpan expression on his face. "Cayne is a much nicer name than Chump. But that's just my personal idea."

"Yeah?" Mavet said to Jordan. "Well, since nobody asked you, 'chump' is a classification, not a name. Keep talking and I'll figure out yours."

While keeping his focus on the Captain and turning his head only slightly to glance at Mavet, he said, "I'll make it easier for you. My title is Doctor. You might want to keep that in the back of your mind, wherever the back of your mind is, the next time you have to visit the infirmary."

"Considering where the Union just reassigned you, Doctor, I might think twice about that," Mavet muttered. "Probably part of their plan to kill us all."

This caused the doctor to raise the opposite brow he had the first time. "You're a bit of a cynic even for a Gelatin. Punish us yes, teach us a lesson, probably so. Kill us, there are more dangerous places they could have sent us to. I'm sure."

Cayne chuckled and shook the doctor's hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm not sure they didn't send us out here to kill us. The Gelatin might be right. If the previous crew was an example. The design of the station has us rather doomed if that were to happen again unless we can put things into place to fix it, but that will be part of this meeting."

"I'll do what I can to keep the restless natives at bay and make the rest of you look shiny to the Union brass," Mavet said glibly. "Just try not to fuck up in plain sight. Not much I can do about that."

"I try to do all my fucking up in private, it's more fun that way," Jordan said with a rather cheesy grin.

"You learn fast," Mavet said. "I like that. Now pass it along."

"I'll do that."

Kathrine had heard about the Dead Canary, but nothing had prepared her for this. It somehow reminded her of a place back home in Ireland. She had taken about two steps inside, "Oh me wee stars! Tis like bein' back home! Tis beautiful and cozy," she exclaimed as she continued towards the bar for her Irish whiskey straight up. Drink in hand she headed towards the older gentleman, who she surmised was the captain. "Excusin' me, but be you the captain' o' this ruddy rock?" she asked.

Cayne eyed the woman that approached him. He wasn't sure that he understood most of what she had just said to him, but he was able to discern the word 'captain' out of the borough. He nodded in response. "Captain Cayne Morrigan... and you are?" He offered his hand for shaking.

"Katherine Briggin, Lt. Chief Engineering Officer, Captin'," she said shaking the outstretched hand. "This bein' a glorious place ye got here sir. Reminds me of me home," she added.

"Lieutenant!" Mavet beamed at Katherine. "So good to see you again!"

Looking at the voice, seeing Mavet made her skin crawl again. Their first meeting was totally way beyond yuck. "Yes, Tis pleasurable seein' you again. Just no touching yet please. I haven' recoverein' from the first meetin'," she said trying to smile.

"Touchin' with my eyes only," Mavet promised in a sing-song voice. "So, how's about a drink?"

Namira came in, looked around, found nothing particularly unusual about the decor and headed straight for the meeting area. "Hello," she greeted. "I'm Namira, the archaeologist." Not that it was obvious from the blue, no-sleeve jumpsuit and heels she was wearing. She didn't waste time standing around, she sat down right next to Katherine, turning to Mavet and asking, "You're the waiter? Surprise me."

"Baby," Mavet said candidly, "I am willing to be your bathwater if you so much as ask, so believe me when I say I'll blow the captain here in front of everyone before I take a drink order."

A lump of goo lunged out of Mavet's biomass in the form of two fingers that let out a snap. "Hey, barkeep. Get me a strawberry-banana shake and a blended martini for the lady."

Chris came into the Dead Canary and hoped he was dressed okay. Dressed casually in a black shirt and cargo shorts he walked around, more or less aimlessly.

"What'll it be?"

"Hmm?" Chris asked, turning to find a passing waiter. "Oh. A scotch, I guess."

"Coming right up."

As Alex strolled casually into the Dead Canary he was dressed in a red polo shirt and Khaki slacks. He saw Namira and a group of other people and guessed this was the briefing he was supposed to be at. He strolled up to the group. "Hello, Namira and everyone else. I'm Alex Darr."

"Please, join us and get comfortable," Namira said. 'Might as well get comfortable if we're going to sit through a boring meeting, no matter where it's located,' she thought.

"Hi, Alex," Chris said. "I'm Chris. Nice to meet you," he said.

"Hello, Chris, nice to meet you as well." He smiled at Namira, "Hi Namira." He replied.

Lieutenant Carmina Barbossa found the designated location of The Dead Canary to be questionable. She was uncertain as to the Captain's motives and could only suspect he had chosen the location for a specific reason. However, if her initial meeting with him was anything to go by, and it was, it was practically everything to go by; Captain Morrigan was unconventional, disorganized, and entirely different from what her years of service and time in Union Point told her a Commanding Officer should be.

She arrived as requested, but her choice of wardrobe was by the book. It was her uniform, form-fitting and pressed wrinkle free. It looked as crisp on her as it would from a model on a Union Point recruitment poster. "Lieutenant Barbossa reporting as requested, Captain," she said almost as though she was going to salute. In fact, there had been a subtle jerk of her arm... hesitation perhaps? Maybe she was going to salute him but stopped herself.

Cayne nodded and smiled. "Hello there, Lieutenant. Good to see you. I see your wardrobe isn't any better than mine." He chuckled warmly.

Following close behind was the station's Security Chief. He looked young because he was young but more experienced than your run of the mill security officer fresh out of Union Point. Murray had worn the Union uniform long enough to get it bloodied, dirtied, and muddled with politics and power-plays. He, unfortunately, had been on the losing end of those as shown by his lowly rank of ensign despite his elevated title and position.

The Security Chief came in with his Union issued undershirt, black with red trim and a pair of dark black slacks. He had clearly been on duty not too long ago but was attending this meeting in a semi-relaxed fashion. "Aye, took me a while, but I'm here," he said catching his breath. "Glad ta see ya have found me favourite spot on this tin can," he added.

Cayne smiled. "Good to see you as well, Ensign. Glad you could make it." He looked around the room. "You might be the last two to arrive. Although, I don't see Lieutenant Flenderson... I think that's his name."

Lieutenant Camm entered the room and looked around. He wore a loose multicolored shirt that looked like he got it from an Earth 1970s costume shop and a pair of flared pants that might have been made of corduroy. He waved when he walked into the room, regardless of whether or not he knew anyone or anyone was looking. "Hell-ooo there meeting people!" Then he schlepped his way to the bar and ordered a drink that came in a glass that looked like a coconut with a little umbrella in it. Once his drink was in hand he turned around to survey the room, his bulbous, spotted head bobbing up and down the entire time as if he was listening to music no one else could hear.

Katherine was having a ball talking to the rest of those sitting at the bar. Mavet was making her laugh with his antics and believe it or not she was getting used to his gelatinous state slowly. He really did look like a bowl of jello! Namira was enjoying the mood and Kat spoke up, "Namira, so ye bein' an archaeologist? What ye thinkin' of findin' out here? Thisn' pile of rock shouldn' have any bones on it shouldn' it?", Kat asked.

"If I don't find anything, I'll certainly have a bone to pick with who asked me to come here", Namira smirked. "There is some kind of artificial structure down there, and I intend to figure out how old it is, who built it and maybe even what it was for. But that might take a few years, all considered." She took a sip of her drink. "In the meantime, we'll just have to make sure the miners don't dig where they can damage anything."

"You can pick me with your bone anytime," Mavet said to Namira. "That's how you vertebrates do it, right?"

"That's how the men do it," Namira explained. "Though, unfortunately, humanoid males do not possess a penis bone, or baculum, unlike many other mammalian species. This is why you'll see so many instances of particularly flat-shaped and fast shuttles among males above the age of 40, to compensate for a lack of ability to please their women."

Mavet flung two bulges up on either side of his mass in imitation of shrugging shoulders. "We always just split in half when nature calls to reproduce. Everything else is just fun with mixing textures until then."

"I'd love to learn more about that some time," Namira said. "If you can fit in a bit of time for me at some point? I don't think we should bore the others with the particulars."

"Baby, you just name the time and place," Mavet said seductively. "I'll bring the toothpaste and the oscillating fan."

Namira wondered what those two items had to do with it, but every culture had their rituals and she wasn't going to question his. "I'll let you know," she smiled, pleased that this was going to be easier than she thought.

"Do you really mean it?" Mavet said in a gasp of surprise. He quickly recovered, even shooting out finger guns from his center mass. "I mean, see you then, baby."

Alex listened to the exchange, his face expressionless yet inwardly he was cringing was Namira considering having sex with an oversized bowl of jello? The images that conjured up were disgusting.

Jordan, who was rather more open than many about the intricacies of intimate desire than some. So, he wasn't especially disgusted as Alex was, if it worked for them, as long as the didn't ask him to join in or watch, who was he to judge. Nevertheless, he did lift his brow in mild surprise.

The whole time Kat was sitting there she was laughing her ass off. "Mavet, please stop...", she said trying to stop laughing. "Namira ye be eggn' him on. Oh please stop beforn' he assumn' another shape Please," Katherin begged. Between the mixing of the drinks, Mavet's antics, and the jist of the conversations, Kat was laughing so hard she fell from the chair unexpectedly! Unable to halt the laughter, she laid there in tears from laughing.

"Ahhh... hahahaha... I'm sorry... hahaha... captin'... Mavet... hahaha... oh me gwad... hahaha..." Now trying to actually win over the hilarious pictures that remained in her head, she finally got a handle on it and got up from the floor. "Captin' I'm a truly sorry for my behaviour, but Mavet..." said Kat.

"No need to be jealous, baby." Mavet's smile turned into a sly, crooked half moon. "There's plenty of jelly to go around."

"Aye, that there is," said the Security Chief breaking into the conversation. "Some of it the from the previous Commander of the station," added Murray swiftly. "If ye don' wanna end of like 'em, I suggest ya be careful aroun' dem miners, Mavet."

Captain Morrigan stepped away from the bar and over to the group. "It's alright, Briggen. You're allowed to cut up. Although, I do think that perhaps everyone should take a seat so we can talk about what's expected of us."

Cayne was a patient man. He waited until everyone had settled back into various seats around the bar and most of the giggling had stopped. He stood in front of the room with his hands behind his back, looking serious until it was quiet. When it was, he looked around the room. They might not be the best crew, they might be a bunch of mostly bad apples that the Union didn't want to deal with, but damnit they were his crew and he felt fortunate to have them.

Cayne cleared his throat and spoke up. "Alright... so first off... Welcome to Union Mining Station number 42, all of you. I, for one, am very glad to have you onboard. I know we are still a little understaffed, but I'm sure the Union will be sending more people soon, hopefully along with our ever missing supplies." He pulled his hands forward and sort of wrung them in front of himself as if he was considering his next words carefully. "I'm sure, by now, that you are all aware of what happened here before we arrived... Let's try not to repeat that, but I am concerned that it's not going to be easy. We are going to have to negotiate with the miners. The Union has a list of their demands that they are willing to meet, but it is far from all of the miners' demands. It's very possible that negotiations will not go well. The Union also wants this station back and running as a mining facility in two weeks time."

Cayne looked out at his crew and wondered briefly if he should keep talking or let them ask him questions. He wasn't sure he was done. "Fortunately, the miners are no longer on the station. So we have very little chance of a repeat of the earlier incident. Does anyone have any questions? Comments? Issues? Dysfunction?"

"Well," Jordan spoke up, "I think most of us have some kind of dysfunction, or we wouldn't be here. But, in all seriousness, I do have an idea. A... good-will gestureif you will. These miners need a doctor. I've already treated a young boy who had broken his arm."

"I can open up a clinic for them. Down there, where they are. The only problem with that is unless they get those supplies to us in the next ten days, I'm likely to run out or close enough and that would put us all in danger."

Cayne nodded. "I agree, Doctor. There is already a medical facility on Oome... I don't know if you've seen it. All of our own mining facilities on that asteroid. It might be a good idea to staff it as a gesture of goodwill. As far as supplies are concerned..." He took a deep breath. "I'm afraid we aren't exactly on the top priority list for Union shipping. I've been here since July and there was only one supply ship in that time. I wouldn't hold my breath. We might have to get creative. That's something else I need to add... until we are settled with the miners on the planet... I'm afraid you're all going to have to stay up here, while they all have to stay down there."

"That's no good," Namira said. "Yes, the aerial survey will take a few days, but after that, I'll have to go down there and start investigating in person. Sitting around on this station isn't going to do the trick." She took a sip of her drink. "I'll be happy to talk to the miners, employ some of them to help with the excavation."

Mavet set aside his strawberry-banana smoothie and its auto-erotic properties in order to address the matter at hand. "You know, a ground side clinic would probably go a long way toward establishing goodwill among the natives and help dig around or whatever else anybody wanted to do down there. A few snapshots would even make for some good PR too."

Alex piped up. "I can construct some drones for you to give you a better idea of what's buried. Better than what the high-level aerial survey will show you." He wasn't bragging, well yeah he was, just not as obviously. "Just tell me what you need," he told Namira.

"I like the idea of our working together, make it a group project if you will," Jordan said. "It could wind up be good for both sides."

"I like that," Namira smiled. "But I still want to go down there. A survey, however detailed, is always only the first step."

"Yeah, rah, rah," Alex replied, before turning his attention to Namira, "Well, of course, you want to be down there, but you crawl before you walk and walk before you run. You want to make sure the area you're working at is safe."

"I've never come across an unsafe dig site," Namira said. "Unlike mines, sometimes people dig too far without adding structural supports. Being trapped underground for a few days is not fun."

"First time for everything Namira," Alex replied simply.

"Survey aside," Cayne piped up. "We have to have a negotiations meeting with the miners and the Worker's Union rep in the next few days. That will be our first step. Once that is done we will talk about who can and cannot go down to the planet. At the moment, none of us are going down there and until we can get this station back up and running, and come to some sort of agreement, then we're likely to remain up here. A clinic on the surface is not part of the terms I have received from the Union, but I have been informed by my XO that we should be prepared to make some adjustments regardless of what the Union has or has not approved, in the name of keeping the peace."

"I'm not worried about anyone trying to murder me to death," Namira said. "Actually, I'm not worried about anyone down there looking to murder any of us to death. Some may have overreacted by killing the previous station commander, but they've had grievances which were justified in their own minds, not a ravaging mob bent on destroying everything. If we don't provoke them, they'll be happy to work with us and let bygones be bygones." At least she hoped that was true. She'd find out soon enough.

Jordan was rather amused by Namira's murder us to death statement, but he did his best not to show it. "While I tend to agree with you," he said turning to face her. "But, with all due respect, you're making assumptions. I think having a clinic there make sense at least, but we have to follow orders. I mean, that could be sacred ground to them. Doing digging might just might be that provocation you talked about. Let's try to obtain a few facts before we throw ourselves in harm's way."

"I'm here to investigate those ruins," Namira said firmly. "The times that science had to bow to religion or similar outdated notions of make-believe and wishful thinking are over. If that's provocation to them, I'll happily provoke away."

"You can't just run roughshod over their belief system simply because it doesn't line up with yours," Jordan insisted with a bit of heat. "And provoking them when we haven't even begun our negotiations is a really bad idea. You can't let your ego get in the way of our mission, or our survival."

"This isn't about belief, this is about facts," Namira insisted. "I'm here to do one job, and no superstitious nonsense, should it exist, will prevent me from doing that. Who knows, maybe they've never been saddled with religion, to begin with? I know, shocking thought, but it's been known to happen."

The doctor turned to face her fully, taking a deep breath to calm himself. "You may not care about their beliefs, but it's very real and very important to them. You can't just come in here and run roughshod over their feelings."

"No one is suggesting you can't or shouldn't do your job, but not like this. Waiting a few weeks or a few months isn't going to keep you from accomplishing your task, but doing it like this, like you don't give a rat's ass about the feelings of the natives makes things worse. Your arrogance is putting us all in danger, putting the entire Station in danger."

Captain Morrigan cleared his throat. "All of that is a moot point at the moment anyway. No one is going down to the surface of the planet until negotiations are handled, by order of the Union. Period. We will find out if we ever get to go back down there in the next few days. There will be no digging or looking at any ruins if the Union says so. We can definitely debate their religious inclinations after the decision is made. That being said, has anyone taken part in negotiations with another species before?" Cayne looked around the room.

Mavet pulled the straw to his smoothie out of his mouth long enough to say, "Hello, I'm a Gelatin!"

It was then that Namira resolved she would find a way down there, once her survey was complete, no matter whether the negotiations were going smoothly or lagging behind. She hadn't come all this way out here to be sitting on her thumbs. "A few times," she said in response. "Mostly about cultural exchanges, once about whose laws take precedence in a given situation."

"Alright... I will send you the particulars of the demands and what the Union is willing to give," Cayne replied.

The Executive Officer cleared her throat. She was not accustomed to being overlooked when it came to matters of diplomacy, but her position aboard UMS-42 had her first and foremost listed as Interim Executive Officer... it sort of caused a glossing over of her past. "Captain," she said drawing his attention. "If anyone is going to be involved in these renegotiations it should be me. I would appreciate Lieutenant Namira's assistance and support though."

The captain snorted in amusement. "I hadn't discounted you, Barbossa. You are my Executive Officer and potentially the most talented in this area. I just thought your participation was a given." He grinned at her and chuckled again. "It's never a bad idea though, to put more heads in the game," he said and winked at her.

She breathed a sigh of relief, but did her best to mask her uncertainty and embarrassment. "Thank you," she said awkwardly without thinking. Great... you just thanked the Captain for letting you do your job, she reprimanded herself. "I would like Namira with me on this, but Lieutenant Mavet should be included. If we're coming to the negotiating table... I want them to know we mean business."

"Alright," Cayne responded. "Lieutenant Mavet will join us. We have to keep our number to a minimum. We don't want the miners or the Worker's Union to feel threatened. Although, I think a security officer might be a good idea as well."

Murray knew that was his cue and unfortunately he had more to say that Cayne was probably going to like. "Aye, I agree with ya," he said strategically. "Too many an' we scare 'em. Security needs to be posted in the room an' outside, but I protest, Sir... to your inclusion."

Cayne turned to look at his Security Chief and was once again reminded of how young Ensign Murray was. Ensign. He had to do something about that. "My inclusion? I'm pretty sure that it's sort of a necessity that I'm there. We don't want them to think that I'm afraid of them," he said with a small smile. He wasn't afraid. After spending as much time in a Union jail as Cayne had, he wasn't afraid of much.

"With what happened...I'm not comfortable lettin' ya be in there with 'em" said Murray. He was about to give more of an explanation before he was cut off.

It was Lieutenant Barbossa that broke into the conversation like a hot knife through butter. "Ensign, the Captain's presence is essential. I respect your concern. You are thinking about the security of the station and the crew, but this situation is a lot larger than the station or any of us. If the Captain doesn't attend then these miners may take that as a great offense. The Captain is the commander of this station, his leadership and authority is what shows the sincerity of the Union."

Alex listened to the 'family squabble' first about who and when someone went to the surface and now who was to be included in a meeting with the miners. Frankly he didn't care, he just wanted the silliness over. "Captain, if I may. I can construct some drone to provide additional security for the meeting and help the young ensign here as well as keep the number of people actually in the meeting to a minimum."

Murray scoffed at the remark about his age and rank. Whether the man had intended it or not, it was a sore subject for Murray and he was clenching his fist underneath the table with a strong urge to start whaling on the man. "Well gee, thank ya. I don' know how I'd ever be able to do me job withou' ya, Daddy."

Alex caught the younger man's anger and chuckled at it, "It's alright son. No need to get your panties in a bunch. Just trying to help you. Hell, do it by yourself. I don't care."

"I'll gladly accept your protection, young man," Namira said, grinning at the security officer. "But I can tell you from experience, I don't enjoy getting stabbed. Any piece of gear that helps prevent that should be seriously considered."

"Oh, baby," Mavet said to Namira. "If you're feeling scared, I'll be happy to cover your ass like white on rice." He chuckled at his dated euphemism. "'Specially if these two chuckleheads are going to be waving their dicks at each other on a regular basis. Might get messy around the miners."

Namira gave Mavet a quizzical look. She had no idea what he had just said, all she understood was the intention behind the statement. "I'm not exactly scared. I simply prefer to avoid having sharp objects shoved inside me, if I can."

"What about soft, goopy objects?" Mavet said. "I'm, uh, asking for a friend."

Namira laughed. "Does it tickle?"

"For you, baby, anything." Mavet gave a low chuckle.

Cayne took a deep breath and rubbed his hands together. "Alright... does anyone have any questions or comments? Anyone need anything? Yes, I know we are missing a supply shipment. I've been in contact with the ship and they say they're on their way."

Kat finally spoke, "Well there be some good news when supplies bein' here. We needin' them bad in engineerin'", she stated.

"Needin' it bad, huh?" Mavet turned sly. "Music to my ears."

Cayne looked down at the Gelly Lieutenant. He pointed to Mavet, Namira, Murray and Carmina. "I'd like you four to come with me... I think we can draw the rest of this meeting to a close. I'd like the rest of you to enjoy your evening." Cayne saluted everyone like he was welcoming them to a week long party and cruise ship and headed for the doors.



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