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Silver-spooned Security

Posted on Friday October 25th, 2019 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant Katherine Briggen & Ensign Murray Campbell-Mckay

Mission: Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Everything Gone?
Location: Issi | Deck One | The Dead Canary

OOC For Reference:


The Dead Canary the name said it all, its was everything in more, a tavern, a lounge, a place for social gathering. It looked upscale yet steampunk in design. An Earth literary buff would easily be able to find the basis for The Dead Canary out of one of horror writer Stephen King's novel The Shining, but it was more than just that. Black, gold, and red were strummed about the simulated room with crystal chandeliers and brass sconces, adding to the almost Gatsby like decorum. It was in good albeit questionable taste. The waitstaff wore black and canary yellow dinner jackets with white button up dress shirts and bow ties. The bartender wore red and everything was crisp.

The music in The Dead Canary rotated about from simple piano tunes to soothing jazz to big band and swing depending on the night and who ways playing. Brass and wood bar stools encompassed the inverted C shaded horseshoe like bar. A dozen or so circular tables were sprawled around the large open room with two to four tables strategically placed about at each of the tables. The flooring was as simulated as just about everything else, a mixture of dark brown linoleum tiles and carpet with geometric hexagonal shapes of golden-rod orange, a deep red, and black. The red and golden-rod yellow carried over to the decor of the bar with a wall of glass bottles of a variety of colored liquids contained within.

The walls were black and that golden-rod orange in color. Black with planets, rings, satellites, and telescopes printed on the walls. Golden yellow chaise lounge chair were placed about the dining area, near a baby grand piano. Murray had chosen The Dead Canary to meet with the station's Chief Engineering Officer because the setting was more relaxing than meeting in either of their offices. It was a bit too stuffy for him to meet her elsewhere. He felt more in his element with a cocktail in hand as he lounged in one of the chaises sipping on a Sidecar cocktail out of a martini glass, a sliver of an orange wedge balancing on the rim as he brought it to his lips as he admired the Jules Verne homages blending so peculiarly well with those of Anthony Burgess and Stephen King.

He knew already what the woman looked like though he had not yet had the time to have a face to face with her. The had messaged briefly over the comscanner. When she entered he grabbed her attention and waved her over to an area with a few chaises around one another. The others were empty. “Evenin' Lieutenant” he said greeting her. “Off duty now I hope? Grab a drink from the bar an' come on over” he said nonchalantly.

Seeing the Ensign waving, she picked up her drink at the bar and walked over to where he was sitting. "Evenin' Ensign. Yes I am off duty thank the lord", Kat said, eyeing the man up and down. He seemed pretty sure of himself and appeared to be either Irish or Scottish descent.

Since her arrival, the mining station was still intimidating to her and scary so it was a welcome relief to be finally meeting someone.

"The lord, Avis, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Cthulhu...whoever or whatever" replied Murray with a smirk creeping across his youthful face. "I'll thank 'em all if it means a wee bit of a break to wet me mouth an' enjoy some R&R" he added.

He was hoping that the Chief Engineer wouldn't be as up tight as some of the other crew he had met thus far. The Executive Officer, he suspected was so wound up that she was going to constrict herself, and the Captain was a whole other story, and the Doctor. Now, that one was peculiar for sure. "I hope ye been gettin' on alright with the rest of the crew. I know this place may take some time gettin' used to...the station itself that is. Here not so much. I love comin' down here an' just relaxin' "

"Well surin' be gora ye be from the Isle?", Kat inquired.

Murray smirked "Don' be pullin' me leg lass. Where ya be hailin' from?" he inquired as she apparently dropped her Union voice for something more relaxed? She definitely did not have that accent when she introduced herself. Was she fronting? "Imma Scotsman meself" he added.

"Well, I be from Donegard ladie. Parents have a small dairy farm. We bein' dairy people an me bein' thee one milkin' the hefiers, it was a good life. Nary a thin' ta worry about only thee cows", Kat said.

Murray chuckled at the woman's response. She was a dairy girl. Over the years he had met people of many different backgrounds who had enlisted in the Union or went through the academy at Union Point for a variety of reasons. "Aye, nothin' like the wee ol days" he said, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"Ya may just come in handy in we ever come 'cross some colony of farmers bringin' their whole herds aboard the station" he said teasingly. "Are you likin' the station?"

"Tis a job ta be doin'. Not much else I canna' do with me record. Got me arse in a heapn' problem and it landed me in this rock. From what I been seein', it looks ok me be a guessin' but it ain' home", Kat said sighing. She missed going to stars and the ability to go home to the farm. But whatever the case, she ended up out here on the station and it would be her home for who knows how long.

"Aye" replied Murray as he knew all too well what getting your ass in trouble could do for one's career, even with all the luxuries that the Planetary Union had and the leeway they gave members like the Moclan; Humans were held to a certain uniform standard. Murray had done some things that had caused him to land here aboard the station.

"I understand" he added. "Bein' Security Chief is somethin' for sure, but doin' it with this rank? Oh it is an obstacle" he said shaking his head.

"I'm a guessin' that ye be some kind of spiffy kind of laddie that loves his job but, wishin' ye be working elsewhere. You strike me as a starship type laddie. Not a station lad", Kat said.

"Nye" replied the ensign dismissively cutting the air with his hand. "Station is fine by me. I just wan' to be doin' me part is all. It has been hard earnin' respect though as only an ensign, but that was how the Union wanted it."

"Well, me being a Lt. Cmdr. before I got demoted, I half expected to bein' promoted back but nothin' doin', I ended up wit bein' Lieutenant again'", Kat said.

Murray winced at hearing the prelude to her story, and he wanted to hear more. "What the hell did ye do ta deserve that?" he asked. "Musta been somethin' more than a wee misunderstandin'" he added.

"Nah nothin' like what your thinkin'. I decked me XO fer bein' stupid an nearly blowin' up me ship. Stupid asshole he was", Kat explained.

Murray let out a bellyful laugh that he could not contain. "Aye, they can be awfully stupid. I don' blame ya for knockin' em on his arse a little. I had a similar problem with the Security Chief on me last ship. She wouldn' listen to me."

Kat nearly landed on her ass laughing. "Murray I am sorry but I just had the funniest vision pop into me head. Saw me XO sittin' on the deck rubbin' her dumb arse yellin' bloody murder at me!", she said still laughing. "But that wasn't the worst of that wee bit o'fun. The Captain' saw when I decked the XO and he slipped and fell on his arse laughin' so hard with me".

"Aye that's worth a pretty chuckle" he said shaking his head in amusement. "Lucky us, it seems like the wee lass Lieutenant they have here as XO isn' so bad once ya get past her calm an' ordely fashion. I was runnin' down the corridors one nigh' in a rush, an' didn' she come out of her quarters saying 'Walk, Ensign, don't run'" he said trying to mimick her accent and gestures.

Kat was still laughing when her combadge pinged. " What in the name of Mary Mc Gregor is it now?", she said angrily. "Kat here, what now?", she bitched.

"Problem in the main generator housing boss", came the response.

"Sound to me like ya needed" he said to Kat. "Aye, everthin' been breaking down on dis rust bucket while the miners be strikin'."

"Aye that be damn true. Weel lad I best be goin'. We must be doin' dis again'. But maybe over some dinner maybe?", Kat asked as she started to head for the door and left.


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