Specifications - Union Mining Station Number 42



Type Orbital Space Station
Role Industrial Base

Dimensions (Vorl)

Decks 3

Dimensions (Oome)

Decks 7

Dimensions (Issi)

Decks 4


Officers 21
Crew 441-550
Enlisted Crew 100
Civilians 150-500
Emergency Capacity 7000

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Deflector Screens: The Orville boasts a high-capacity shield grid to protect itself from various threats, such as impacts from bolides and debris, various space-related and energetic phenomena and hostile weaponry. The ship is able to withstand a considerable beating from larger vessels, albeit not for very long before severe damage can ensue. These shields can be optimized to deal with specific threats such as plasma storms, radiation, etc.
Weapon Systems Plasma Cannons: The primary weaponry; plasma cannons fire pulses of high energy plasma particles. More precise than the torpedoes, able to make precision strikes against strategic points on an enemy ship, but not powerful enough to immediately penetrate the deflectors of a capital ship. The station possesses dual plasma cannons located on the command center, the mining section and the recreational ring, a substantial blindside since the cannons cannot be fired at targets directly above the station.

Plasma Torpedoes: The station has a total of twelve torpedo tubes. Capable of rapid fire, the station can also launch its entire torpedo inventory in a single volley if necessary from tubes in any direction which suggests the station shares a common magazine. Torpedoes are more powerful than the energy pulse cannons, more effective against more powerful deflectors, but not as precise.

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 6
Shuttles ECV-197-1 Venkman
ECV-197-2 Stantz
ECV-197-3 Spenglar
ECV-197-4 Zeddemore
ECV-197-5 Douglas Adams