Two Sides of Every Story

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Union Mining Station 42 has been chosen to hold peace negotiations amid a brewing civil war on the Keribex home world. Union Central has been monitoring the Keribex situation from some time, but has only recently decided to take action and intervene as a mediator in hopes of quelling the storm of two radicalized factions that have divided the planet. It will be in the hands of the crew of UMS42 to host the negotiations and see to it that the Keribex representatives comes to the table to broker peace amongst their people, but when the representatives arrive, the crew may be in for more than they expected.

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Welcome to Union Mining Station Number 42

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Welcome to all new crew! Yes... we know... we're working on it.

Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Everything Gone?

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I swear I put that down over here... but it's not here anymore...