The Sim

2421. Located on the outskirts of Union charted space, a previously ignored inconspicuous planet suddenly became a beacon in the podunk regions of the frontier. After obtaining mining rights from the indigenous population of the planet, the Planetary Union constructed a space station, using a group of asteroids that had been pulled into orbit of the planet millennia ago.

Union Mining Station Number 42: Details
~ Number 42 is a space station orbiting a planet called Shurn 6. Shurn 6 is rich in dysonium, which is needed for powering the Union's ships. The Union is currently leasing the rights to the mined ore from the indigenous people.
~ Mining station. The station is actually where the raw ore is received and processed for shipment back to the Union. The mining portion of the station is seven decks wrapped around the biggest of the three asteroids, Oome. Vorl, the next largest asteroid carries the three decks of the command center and Issi, the smallest asteroid, is where the four decks of crew quarters and recreation are located.
~ The station acts as a last stop Union trade hub. It is the furthest out from Union Central. The station is not well known for its goods, but they do have them. There is also a lot of trade that goes on between the miners, the station and the planet.
~ The traffic between the planet and the station is almost constant.