Deck Listing

Deck One (Vorl) · Deck Two (Vorl) · Deck Three (Vorl) · Deck One (Oome) · Deck Two (Oome) · Deck Three (Oome) · Deck Four (Oome) · Deck Five (Oome) · Deck Six (Oome) · Deck Seven (Oome) · Deck One (Issi) · Deck Two (Issi) · Deck Three (Issi) · Deck Four (Issi)

Deck One (Vorl)

Commander Center (Top), Conference Rooms 1-4, Captain's Office, Executive Officer's Office, Captain's Mess (Wardroom), Captain's Ready Room, Officer's Lounge

Deck Two (Vorl)

Command Center (Bottom), Security Dispatch, Station Security Chief's Office, Holding Cells 1-2, Environmental Controls, Conference Room 1, Comm Shack

Deck Three (Vorl)

Shuttlebay 1 - 2, Officer's Quarters, Captain's Quarters

Deck One (Oome)

Ore Processing Control Center, Engineering and Operations Offices, Robotics Lab, Welding Shop, Cafeteria / Break Room

Deck Two (Oome)

Residential Quarters for Ore Processing Crew, Stellar Cartography, Science Labs 1-6

Deck Three (Oome)

Shuttlebays 4 - 6, Docking Bay 1 - 2 (Fueling, Repair and Shipments), Industrial Replicators, Triage Medbay 1 - 2

Deck Four (Oome)

Ore Processing (Top)

Deck Five (Oome)

Ore Processing (Middle)

Deck Six (Oome)

Ore Processing (Bottom), Computer Core

Deck Seven (Oome)

Ore Receiving and Sorting

Deck One (Issi)

Recreation Deck One, Track, Holographic Generators, Environmental Simulators 1-6, Gym, The Dead Canary

Deck Two (Issi)

Shopping District, Restaurants, Medical offices and Medical bay, Counselor's office, Surgeries 1 - 3

Deck Three (Issi)

Residential Living Spaces for Crew

Deck Four (Issi)

Residential Living Spaces for Civilians