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Lieutenant Mavet

Name Mavet

Position Media Relations Specialist

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male

Physical Appearance

Height Varies
Weight 100lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Physical Description As a member of the Gelatin species, Mavet is a giant androgynous amoeba with no fixed shape. Look, but don't touch. You don't have any idea where he's been.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Mavet is a cheerful guy with a gruff exterior. A lifetime of perceived prejudiced against his kind makes him quick to assume offense, but otherwise he's willing to go along to get along. It's called diplomacy, asshole.
Strengths & Weaknesses As one who always has a remark or comeback, Mavet seeks the last word in most scenarios. He's willing to go the mat for his friends and allies. Just don't expect him to clean up after himself. That's just racist.
Ambitions Find a backwater planet that still governs by monarchy and marry into it. That or be the first Gelatin in the Admiralty. Either one works.
Hobbies & Interests [censored]

Personal History About 40 years ago, Mavet's mother underwent premature mitosis into two daughters. Neither one formed a viable cohesion, ultimately resulting in a shameful refusion. Really, it's a polite way of saying one consensually ate the other. Once the two gelled back into one, Mavet was reborn inasmuch he could no longer remember his former life. The shame of premature mitosis has followed him ever since.

Mavet served with modest distinction as an Adjutant at Union Central where he learned to navigate the nuances of the Admiralty and prepare a kickass cup of coffee. After years of asskissing, Mavet finally secured a position on the Fighter class starship USS Garfield as its Second Officer.

And then, a year later, the Battle of Earth happened. After the Kaylon fleet decimated the Union fleet and the Garfield's captain being incapacitated and the first officer ordering a retreat, Lieutenant Commander Mavet relieved his superior officer from duty and took command during the battle. Defeat seemed all but certain when the Krill fleet came to the rescue.

Of course, having killed hundreds of thousands of Union citizens, Mavet was unaware that the Krill fleet was there to help. He ordered the Garfield on a suicide run to attack the fleet. Fortunately for the fledgling alliance, a Leviathan class Union ship disabled the Garfield before it could claim any casualties.

The aftermath of the invasion attempt nearly saw the end of Mavet's career. Post-battle military hearings led to him losing a rank. His career hanging by a thread, he was sent to the only opening that would not reject him.
Service Record 2420
Lieutenant | Union Mining Station 42 - Media Relations Specialist

Lieutenant Commander | USS Garfield - Second Officer

Lieutenant | Union Central - Adjutant

Ensign | Union Central - Intern

Cadet | Union Point