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Lieutenant Junior Grade Jordan Emerson

Name Jordan Xavier Emerson MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 165
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Physical Description. Jordan is the quintessential boy next door type. At 5’10” his height is average he has a lithe and sinewy build, more from being on the tennis court and in the swimming pool more than in the weight room. His hair, depending on the season can be anywhere from ash to platinum blonde. His deep-set eyes, one of his most striking features, are an electric blue.

When not in uniform, or scrubs, he prefers jeans and polo shirts. Being raised on a remote low tech colony world, he's not used to fancier clothing and hasn’t tied a tie in his life


Spouse None
Children None
Father Father Andrew Joseph Emerson (deceased)
Mother Shelly Harper Emerson (deceased)
Brother(s) Riley Alexander Emerson 17
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although Jordan doesn’t consider himself to be especially religious. He does consider himself to be both spiritual and searching. He believes there is a higher power, bigger than himself, he’s just not sure who, or what it is. That spirituality drives him to care for others and be a healer and one who avoids physical violence. That is not to say he avoids conflict or keeps his opinion to himself. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, he has a tendency to speak in his mind, even when it is not appropriate. He is a gifted surgeon, his specialty is thoracic surgery, and he is confident to the point of being cocky.

He spent his formative years on Darius V, a colony world. His parents were Federation advisors who quickly became involved in the local native religion that focused on the veneration of nature and ancestors. He was homeschooled until he was in High School when his parents were killed in a shuttlecraft accident. With no other relatives to support him, he became emancipated and raised and took care of himself. He didn’t have the best of situations, to say the least. And while he is somewhat above average in intelligence, he’d barely crack the Mensa requirements. He became a surgeon through grit and determination more so than talent and can’t wrap his mind around how some people, who may have more talent, aren’t just as successful as he is.

He has a strong moral compass but doesn’t always color inside the lines or go by the rulebook. He is a risk taker and while his mind is well ordered, he tends to think intuitively and fly by the seat of his pants.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jordan tends to think outside the containment field, which has its positives and its negatives. He is one of the most, if not the most skilled and intuitive surgeons in the quadrant. However, he is fully aware of his surgical prowess and this has made him cocky. He hates death and never wants to admit defeat. Every time he loses a patient it takes a toll on him. He’s no marksman with a phaser and beyond the basic self-defense techniques he learned at Union Pointe, and a few dirty tricks, he’s not really a fighter. He can have a short fuse at times, which has tended to get in the way of his career advancement. He is also a risk taker.

Ambitions Professionally become Chief of Union Medical. Personal: Settle down, get married raise a family.

Hobbies & Interests Tennis, Rugby, Swimming, medical research, billiards, holodeck adventures (and secretly romances)

Personal History Jordan was born on August 28 in a remote village near the large rice farm his parents Andrew and Shelly helped run on Hieros V. They had come to the planet as Union advisors. Jordan’s parents visited hundreds, even approaching a thousand islands during their tenure and he rarely slept in the same place for more than a week A native religion from a neighboring planet had made its way to Hieros V It was steeped in reverence to nature and ancestors. One of the main tenets of the faith that he was raised in was that there was much wisdom in the past and that if one meditated the ancestors would speak from the Great Beyond. He saw some good things come out of it, and even though he had been visited once or twice. But as he grew older, he saw some superstition it as well.

When he was twelve, his parents had a second child, who they named Riley. That wasn’t the only momentous thing that happened that year. As Jordan entered his teenage years, he began to question his identity on many levels.

Shortly after his fifteenth birthday, he and his family were in a shuttlecraft accident. He and his brother were virtually unharmed, while his parents were severely injured. Jordan did his best to save them, but they died while he watched. While he had always had a desire to help people, that single event galvanized him and turned his focus to medicine and specifically surgery.

There were no living relatives, at least none that would take him and his little brother in. He had been left just enough to move to the States and purchase a small home in a rundown section of Long Beach California. Because of his maturity level and the lack of relatives the court granted him his emancipation.

It was a very dark and difficult time for him and there were times when he fed his baby brother instead of himself. At the age of eighteen, he applied to the Union. He knew it was his only chance to fulfill his dream of becoming a surgeon.

His academics were somewhat below average, but he did make it in. Barely. Once in, however, he began to flourish. It still wasn’t easy, there were many long days and sleepless nights. He became an insatiable reader and watched then participated in more surgeries than any other cadet. He specialized in thoracic surgery, though he has a basic understanding of general medicine and all types of surgery.

In his final year at Union Point while he was an intern, but before he became an official doctor, he went on a Spring Break trip to Miller's Planet While there, their group was attacked and Dr. Beckett, then the Chief of Residents and Interns at Union Point(a mentor and father figure to Jordan) was shot by an old fashioned, firearm.

With no viable medical facilities and a dying Beckett, who had asked him for help. Jordan made the difficult decision to perform emergency surgery, over the opposition of Lincoln Carter, a fellow cadet-a doctor turned nurse candidate. Dr. Beckett died in the midst of the operation.

Once everyone was rescued and returned to Earth there was a Board of Inquiry where Lincoln testified against Jordan. Jordan was mildly reprimanded, at least officially, for violating protocol. but most of his friends, fellow students and faculty praised him for doing the right thing.

Jordan was oblivious to the effect that had on Lincoln, just as he was obvious to the fact that he had previously stolen Lincoln's girlfriend from him.

After completing Union Point he spent a year in the hospital at Union Headquarters as an intern, then a year as an intern on the USS Nightingale

He began his career and his residency on the USS Resistance, where he spent three years. His talent and ability made room for him and by the end of his tour, he had become the ACMO and was promoted to Lieutenant JG and eventually full Lieutenant.

Then the Resistance got a new Captain, Tim Reynolds. Tim, unlike his predecessor, was a micro-manager and, in Jordan's words, a Control Freak. The two of them clashed almost from the beginning. Things came to a head on an away mission. A security officer has been injured and was trapped in an isolated area. There was a severe storm coming in and they only had a short window to get the away team away before it hit and trapped everyone. Jordan thought it was worth the risk to attempt a rescue the Captain disagreed. The altercation turned physical and Jordan wound up striking a superior. He was demoted back to Lt. jg and sent to the mining colony
Service Record 2408-2414 Union Point
2414-2416 USS Nightengale
2416-2419 USS Resistance
2419 Union Mining Station 42