Ensign Mitzi Dean

Name Mitzi Day Dean

Position Support Craft Pilot

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Moderately androgynous with a mop of curly brown hair atop of their head almost like a shaggy sheepdog with hazel eyes peeking through giving off a somewhat disheveled look despite others knowing how much time and effort Mitzi puts into their morning grooming. Tall and lean, Mitzi’s body naturally gives away the sex they were assigned by birth, but binding and a uniform that’s half a size or so larger than necessary leaves them rather formless. When possible, Mitzi prefers to dress in their engineering jumper. Wearing very minimal makeup, Mitzi does not make any attempts to hide their faint spotty freckled cheek bones.


Personality & Traits

General Overview A fine officer undoubtedly, but one who has not taken the leeps nor made the bounds necessary to merit a more noteworthy assignment right out of Union Point. Mitzi Dean is a quiet, reserved, and laid back individual who avoids confrontation. Soft spoken and docile, Mitzi is not on any Admirals’ radar for being an up and coming Ship’s Helmsperson nor do they see Mitzi as ever being command material.

Mitzi isn’t exactly a social butterfly per se, but rather more of a social caterpillar; They are friendly enough to be acquainted with everyone yet nobody will necessarily think to invite them to a social gathering. Mitzi goes out of loyalty to people, but stick to the outskirts like a wallflower.
Ambitions Mitzie is one of the least ambitious individuals you’ll ever meet. They don’t have their heart set on any particular position nor do they lust for anyone or anything. Whatever ambitious drive a human tends to have seems to be malfunctioning in Mitzi.
Hobbies & Interests
Mitzi loves everything and anything related to Earth’s aviation history. Be it Bessie Coleman or Amelia Earhart, Mitzi can give you a rundown of Earth’s vast aviation history. They love collecting and building models of old airplanes, zeppelins, space shuttles, and more. Mitzi grew up in the rural mid west of the North American continent on their family’s preserved farmland. They have an interest in botany and picked up piloting from a young age by flying old crop dusters.

Personal History Born Lonnie May Dean on the planet Earth, they had a rustic life growing up on the preserved farmlands of rural Nebraska. Growing up learning about agriculture, and the dying art of having a green thumb, Mitzi Dean learned from an early age how to respect the land and treat the soil. By the time they were in their teen years they were learning how to pilot old Earth crop duster planes while also going through a turbulent time of self-discovery and self-identification. Refusing their biological sex and the name their parents’ had given them, Mitzi was quietly rebellious.

Learning self respect and trying to find themselves, Mitzi May Dean left the farmlands of rural Nebraska for the faster paced liberal life of modernist Union civilization. They settled down after applying to Union Point where they were graciously accepted. The Union was always looking for bright young officers in the making, but what could “rural farmer” offer them? That was something Mitzi had to prove and so they did. With impressive knowledge of Earth’s Aviation history and some maverick piloting maneuvers, Mitzi had earned their place at Union Point.

It was Mitzi’s bashfulness and meek personality which held them back from getting a good assignment after graduation. A middle tier performing student with high marks and skills in flight school was on track for a nice medium sized cruiser or exploration vessel; However, Mitzi’s docility docked them when assignments were being dispensed. It would be a posting as one of the several support craft pilots on an aging mining station leased to the Union.