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Lieutenant Carmina Barbossa

Name Carmina Giavonna Barbossa

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 165.1 cm
Weight 8.929 Stones
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Chocolate Brown
Physical Description Lieutenant Carmina Barbossa is less intimidating than the majority of officers she has served under and alongside. She has worn her hair in varying lengths over the years, but is often keeping it at shoulder’s length or resting slightly above. She is a natural brunette whom has from time to time added lighter highlights and lowlights. She’s a small framed human woman that is not the least bit physically imposing, relying on her quick wit and analytical mind to get her out of the toughest jams. She wears a warm affectionate smile when relaxed and a tight lipped pucker when under pressure. Her eyes are an alluring hot chocolate brown.


Father Giovonni Barbossa
Mother Marcella Barbossa
Brother(s) Giovonni “Junior” Barbossa, Anthony Barbossa, and Luca Barbossa

Personality & Traits

General Overview Known for having a large caring heart with deep empathy for the plights and pains of others, Carmina Barbossa often finds herself acting as ship’s counselor when there are none posted aboard, and sometimes even when there is due to the fact she is friendly and approachable. Some have told her that she just ‘has one of those trusting faces’ and she’s fully come to accept that about herself.

In many ways, Carmina is shy and tends to keep to herself. She is personable in the sense that you can always come to her and she is an excellent listener. However, she does not come across as very outgoing. Despite having achieved success in her Union career, she has climbed that ladder by good fortune and dedication with a squeaky clean record and some higher ups in admiralty orchestrating her career behind the curtain.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Optimistic, Sunshine and Rainbows outlook on life, Cares about crew morale

Weaknesses: Pacifistic tendencies, not a risk taker, and is very bureaucratically by the book.
Ambitions Carmina has no ulterior motives when she says that she just wants to do the best that she can with what has been earned and given to her. She never saw herself as a command level officer and the thought of being Second Officer was worrisome enough. Now, she has to struggle with the burdens and responsibilities of being First Officer. Her greatest ambition right now is just not fucking up.
Hobbies & Interests Carmina Barbossa was always that quiet, mousey little girl who sat in the corner during playtime as a child and read books upon books. She was labeled everything from ‘touched,’ ‘gifted,’ ‘teacher’s pet,’ and ‘loner’ all through her formative schooling years. She was part of drama club, the debate team, the chess team, and editor in-chief of her High School’s yearbook, but appeared in only a few holographs in the background.

Her hobbies include reading and writing. She fancies herself a modern day chronicler of ship’s voyages. Every Union vessel she’s served on she has chronicled their missions and misfortunes in a series of physical journals done on paper in ink. She enjoys calligraphy and chess in her free time. Her most ‘physical’ of hobbies is horseback riding.

Personal History thern Italy to a blue collar father and a stay at home mother. She had two older brothers at the time of her birth, but another (younger) brother would be born a couple of years later. Her father was a civilian shuttle technician who was rarely home, but Carmina was always pappa’s girl. She was always very protective of her baby brother, Luca, and would scold her older brothers Giovanni Junior and Anthony for rough housing too much.

She was a quiet child for the most part, independent and kept mostly to herself. However, she would make friends and was always kind and respectful. Of course she was bullied relentlessly for being the ‘teacher’s pet’ and a ‘nerd’ in her later years, but all her hard work and devotion to her academic pursuit landed her a full scholarship by the time she completed High School.

Carmina Barbossa never once had her sights set on joining the Planetary Union and serving in such a capacity. She did not attend the Union Point, and instead accepted the full scholarship offered to her by Georgetown University on Earth’s old historic District of Columbia. She pursued studies in the University’s umbrella of Government, Politics, and Policy.

She completed her undergraduate studies at Georgetown and earned a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service - Intergalactic Politics, summa cum laude. Carmina had no real plans as to what she wanted to do with her education. Her parents just knew from an early age that their daughter had a brilliant mind and she was their best chance of having a university graduate in the family. Carmina found herself stuck between pursuing a graduate degree or returning home to help her father fix shuttles...something that was entirely foreign to her.

The Planetary Union, however, had other plans in store for her. The Union made it a habit of theirs to closely monitor academic successes that they felt they missed out on, those like Carmina who did not pursue a pathway through the academy. Carmina soon found herself in a very strange place. She was in a meeting with someone from “the service” at Planetary Union Central.

The Union wanted her as a service member. Her intellect and dedication had not gone unnoticed, and with the recent exploration boom, the Union was encountering strange new species and civilizations, and unfortunately making some blunders in their first encounters.

Carmina took pity on the Admiral who met with her and after they explained to her why the Union needed someone like her serving aboard their cruisers, Carmina agreed and soon met with a recruiter. Though she was not a “product of the Academy,” she was given an officer’s commission pending the completion of basic training and OCS.

Newly Commissioned as an Ensign with a fresh, wrinkle free, and crisp green Planetary Union Science Division uniform, Ensign Carmina Barbossa was given her first assignment in 2408 aboard the USS Gentility (SCV-177), a non-military science vessel that specialized in ferrying ambassadors, diplomats, heads of state, and making an occasional first encounter mission. Ensign Barbossa was listed on the ship’s official manifest as diplomatic officer, first contact specialist even well before she ever made first contact with anyone. The uniform was on her regardless; Carmina decided to do her best to make it fit and live up to the expectations set before her.

She spent a handful of years aboard the Gentility, receiving a promotion three years in to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. A request was placed through Union Command to have the young lieutenant reassigned. Her work with aboard the Gentility had not gone unnoticed nor underappreciated.

Carmina’s next assignment was as grandiose as the vessel itself, one of the Union’s Leviathan class heavy cruisers, The USS Olympia (LCV-529) commanded by Admiral Ozawa. The young lieutenant was listed as Chief Diplomacy Officer in the Science Division, the extra bar on her shoulders did not go to her head nor did the assignment.

She would remain on the Olympia for several years, earning awards and service citations which further highlighted a clean service record with distinguished decorations. Admiral Ozawa herself sent Carmina back to Earth to undergo Command training courses, and upon completion in 2418 saw to it that Carmina was promoted to full lieutenant.

Wearing Command Division blue and brandishing two solid pips on either shoulder, Lieutenant Barbossa was to remain aboard the Olympia, holding an administrative support position as Admiral Ozawa’s Chief of Staff. It was a short assignment and allowed Carmina to get intimate with the finer details of command before Ozawa had her reassigned to a more fixed posting.

That fixed assignment was to be Union Minion Station 42, which was under heavy need of new personnel given a rather unpleasant minor uprising that resulted in several fatalities including the Commanding Officer, and several arrests. Lieutenant Barbossa was meant to be the station’s Second Officer. However, the abrupt resignation of the assigned Executive Officer left an immediate vacancy that the Union needed to desperately rush to fill. They felt it prudent to push Carmina into the role on an interim trial basis as “Acting” First Officer.
Service Record 2404 - 2408 - Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
2408 - Planetary Union Officer Candidate School (OCS)
2408 - 2413 Diplomacy Officer - Ensign - Lieutenant JG, USS Gentility
2413 -2418 Chief Diplomacy Officer - Lieutenant JG, USS Olympia

2418 - Union Point Command School
2418 - 2419 - Chief of Staff to Admiral Ozawa - Lieutenant, USS Olympia
2419 - Acting First Officer - Lieutenant, Union Mining Station 42