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Ensign Murray Campbell-Mckay

Name Murray Campbell-Mckay

Position Chief of Security

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 170.18 cm
Weight Approx. 10 Stone
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ensign Murray MacKay is “a grown man trapped inside a bloody wee lad’s body” as he likes to describe himself on dating networks. The fact of the matter is, this Scottish highlander looks like should still be preparing to enter the academy at Union Point, but rest assured that this youthful looking security officer has some experience under his belt and hasn’t pissed his knickers yet (not that he would confess to at least). He had a healthy head of thick reddish brown hair that leans more on the brunette side of the equation, but his reddish side is picked up in sunlight. He has a very clean and clear complexion with an almost porcelain skin tone and modestly chiseled facial features. His eyes are bluish grey, often on display with a puppy dog look.


Spouse None
Children None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hailing from a house with “a wee too much estrogen” Murray MacKay can best be described as a sinner and a saint. There’s always a darkside to the moon, and Murray is the personification of that. Though he is incredibly charming and pleasant with his very extroverted personality, he’s a wise cracking practical joker who loves to take the piss out of people.

This artful dodger was born to fairly well off same-sex lesbian couple in the Highlands of Scotland, but that did not prevent Murray from living the life of a street rat by choice. He was aspiring con artist and a exceptionally talented pick pocketer. Murray has the uncanny ability to practically sell ice to an eskimo without them even knowing what they’ve agreed to.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Good humor, clever, daring, and keenly observant of the small little things.

Weaknesses: gambling, “collecting” (stealing), booze, and men
Ambitions “You do not get to command and become Captain by wearing a red shirt” was something a Union Point instructor said to him once to which Murray muttered a swift “Piss off” at the instructor. This of course was only the beginning of a colorfully sordid checkered service record. Murray made barely made it through the academy with a few fist fights and some time spent on academic suspension. However, it was not because his grades were terrible. He’s actually a rather smart young officer who does awfully dumb things.

Murray knows that he is not command material right now, but that will not prevent him from trying to learn how to become that command material that Union Command needs to see in him. For the time being, he does what he can to be the best that he can be in his Security Division red uniform. He’s well aware that he missed out on one or possibly two chances already for rank promotion, but he’s still climbed the ladder position wise, skipping a rung or two along the way.
Hobbies & Interests Murray is a sort of collector of all things. Some of which he has purchased or acquired legally...and others he somehow managed to walk away with. He is particularly found of old weapons and fancies himself a bit of a military historian. He’s also been known to make his own pruno and moonshine much to his mothers’ dismay. In his free time he enjoys skeet shooting and fencing.

Personal History Born the third of April, 2393 in the Scottish highlands in the town of Fort William to a newly wed same-sex couple who had decided to start a family a few months after tying the knot and exchanging their vows, but their vows could never have prepared them for the screaming little banshee they were about to raise together. Always adventurous, Murray Campbell-MacKay learned to walk and run before most little ones his age. He surely kept his mums on their feet.

He was a handful as a teenager and was always getting into trouble for stealing and for fighting. He was suspended from school several times before his mums had to out him into a special school for boys. It was an all boys school for problematic children with behavioral issues like himself. Though little did they know all they did was put him in a place where he became quite the little tom cat. He’d have the boys eating out of his hands and doing whatever in God’s green earth that he damned well pleased. They just couldn’t say no to Murray and his puppy eyes and affection. He had more “boyfriends” than he could keep track of.

After his formative schooling years, he was faced with some hefty crossroads. It was either service in the Union or a life of crime and potential of being in and out of behind bars. He decided it was time to grow up and get his life back on track. He all but sobered up through his four years at Union Point and set himself on the Defense track (also known as Security). Most did not feel he was cut out to be academy material, but Murray knew otherwise in his heart, plus he was not about to just enlist and be killed like fodder to some god damn salt vampire on an alien planet.

Disobedient, insubordinate, confrontational, reckless, and argumentative were the adjectives used throughout his time at Union Point by several instructors, none of whom wanted to see him posted on a Union vessel except one individual...Union Point’s Commandant. He saw something in the troubled cadet, the faint and hidden markings of an exceptional security officer. Murray was a an average upper mid-level performer grade wise, but he had a remarkable obstacle course time and record breaking marksmanship from a cadet becoming Captain of Union Point’s Rifle Team his senior year. He graduated class of 2415 and earned his commission as an Ensign.

His first assignment was nothing incredible, a light patrol cruiser, the USS Ticonderoga as a junior security officer. He butted heads constantly with the Assistant Security Chief and by default the Security Chief, not agreeing with their patrol patterns and personnel placement around the ship. In a botched mission on the surface of a unclaimed planet, the landing party from the Tike was ambushed by a patrol of Krill. The landing party suffered casualties. The Assistant Chief was killed and the Chief of Security had to undergo emergency surgery to save her life.

While the Security Chief was in recovery, someone had to answer to Command. Someone needed to file the report and recount what happened. Being the highest ranking security officer not killed or incapacitated, Ensign MacKay assumed the duties and responsibilities, but also took the blame for what happened even though it was evident it was not his misdoing, but an oversight of the Security Chief.

Pending a formal investigation in the matter, Ensign MacKay was cleared of any wrongdoing. The Security Chief retained her position, but received a demotion in rank. Murray remained the rank of ensign, but was subsequently given the position of Assistant Security Chief. The two spent the next couple of years bickering and she saw Murray as a threat to her position.

After a physical altercation between the two (which was inconclusive who was the aggressor), Murray was reassigned to Union Mining Station 42 which took him away from the adventure he was used to trekking through the stars and setting food on alien planets, but despite still being an ensign in rank, the UMS 42 posting would place him as Station’s Chef of Security.