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Civilian Neleph Parma

Name Neleph Parma

Position Bartender

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Lienati
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 4'7"
Weight 65 lbs
Hair Color Blue violet
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description Not tall or exceptionally muscular by any stretch, Parma does not cast much of an imposing shadow. To those not looking closely, he would appear almost like a child, being so small in height. Though when you get close his age becomes far more apparent, though the full extent is not apparent due to his youthful appearance. He is covered in a soft felt like a layer of fur which varies in color to a pale cream to a vivid blue is a splotchy spotted pattern. He has a narrow tail that hangs down under the robes he is almost always see wearing, usually kept wrapped around a leg as it is highly sensitive and he is quite tired of it being trodden upon.


Spouse Reiatsu Parma (deceased)
Children Retelis Parma, daughter (deceased); Lenisph Parma, son (deceased); Hansil Parma, son (unknown, assumed deceased); Thantel Parma, daughter (unknown, assumed deceased); Michan Parma, son (unknown, assumed deceased)
Father Rylia Parma (deceased)
Mother Milanit Jan-Parma (deceased)
Brother(s) Tylin Parma (deceased); Mirak Parma (deceased)
Sister(s) Jolan Parma (deceased)
Other Family Numerous, most deceased or assumed to be so

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kind, but sad. Parma is the last known survivor of his line and it weighs heavily upon his mind, even if he does what he can to not dwell on it. He is permanently coy, always probing for more information. He hides an anger deep inside her but does not often let it out. He is damaged and does very little to smile and hide it.
Strengths & Weaknesses If knowledge is power, then Parma is well on his way to becoming one of the most powerful men in the galaxy. He is highly personable and loves to sit and gossip, which gives him the position with which to learn more and more valuable information. He is intelligent, but not so much as to have aspirations above his station, even if the information he holds grants him a great deal of power, such thoughts have been beaten out of her by a lifetime of pain. He is beaten down and weary from a long and tragic life, but he continues forward.
Ambitions To learn more and more, with the intention of finding peace.
Hobbies & Interests Parma enjoys watching people.

Personal History As a child, Parma was trained to be the Hanja, or leader, of his tribe. He learned the history of his culture in great detail and all the ceremonies necessary to lead. These lesson mad up his life and he was taught all he would need to know. He had little time for play but relished the chances he did have. Often he would return to his tutors with his ceremonial robes stained with mud. In these days the lesson that he learned the best was to listen.

As he grew older he became more tempered, more subtle in all that he did. When he was only 20 years of age the Hanja passed and he was made Hanja. He was married to the female he had been betrothed to many years before and over the next several years of his life he would have a number of children and live a life that was, for all intents and purposes, content and happy.

That was before his little world was shattered by the first contact with an alien species. If they had been lucky those outsiders would have been the Planetary Union, their culture and society ripe to be put under the protection of such a power.

As fate would have it, they were not lucky and were instead discovered by the Krill. As it would be discovered their homeworld was rich in a valuable mineral of some kind and the Krill were keen to get it. They began the process by waging a war against the Lienati as a whole and stripe mining the planet with those they were able to capture and force into slave labor. At the time the Lienati were spread out and had yet to even form nation-states of their own, only clans that, for the most part, existed in a state of balance. They were easy to be wiped out. It would have been for a total genocide if not for several survey ships from the Union coming and evacuating survivors. It would be those ships that introduced the Lienati and Parma himself to the Planetary Union. But the damage was done. Of the nearly 250,000 Lienati, less than 2,000 remained alive. Parma was lucky, in so much that he survived the genocide of his people, but he lost everything.

Without a home, he began to wonder the cosmos and try to find a place in it all. He would never speak much of this time and there is very little by way of records of it. What is known is that he made a number of valuable connections, even coming into the acquaintance of high up members of a number of governments. He grew a network of people, some he knew details best kept in the dark, some owed him favors, all willing to whisper in his ear. Information remained his method of power and he acquired more and more. Yet he maintained himself in the shadows and avoided the light when at all possible.

That was 30 years ago.

Far older, he continued to ply his trade in listening and advising those he would see potential in. In his exile he opened a number of taverns and bars around the galaxy, though few have been successful in any meaningful way beyond him keeping his ear to the ground, and usually he is forced to move on when the time came.

It was after one of his endeavors came to an end that he was offered a bar on an isolated Union space station, he took it with very few questions, knowing well enough that there was much to gain.
Service Record N/A, Parma has never been a member of the Planetary Union