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Lieutenant Maerynn

Name Maerynn

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Maltosian (Talshanaar)
Age 46/94.3

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft. 9 in.
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Being a talshanaar (shapeshifter), she can take any form she chooses. However, her normally-selected form is that of a basic humanoid standing at 5 feet and 9 inches in height with black hair that reaches halfway down her back. Her amber eyes (oddly, not a choice), show an intense passion for life and a warmth that welcomes one in. Her frame is lean and her movements graceful, hinting at the flowing nature of her natural form.


Spouse None... yet
Children None
Father Devren (Dev'-ren)
Mother Alamyrra (al'-uh-meer'-uh)
Brother(s) Naethyn (nay'-thin), Viyrran (veer'-uhn)
Sister(s) Kiyla (kee'-luh), Maearra (may-are'-uh)
Other Family Sylvaen (sil-vane') - Uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally, Maerynn is a warm and friendly person. She can be intense about her exploration and loves to become anything new she had never been before. She enjoys her job as it allows her to interact with the pilots, people she finds fun and interesting. While she is serious about her work, she has been known to play the occasional harmless prank on members of her crew (off duty, of course!). She is fun-loving and always up for trying something new.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Adaptable
+ Hard worker
+ Detail oriented
+ Exploratory

- Sometimes gets too exploratory and gets into places/situations that she shouldn't
- Tendency to be intense
- Can get lost in the minutia
Ambitions To explore everywhere she can and become everything she can
Hobbies & Interests Maerynn loves anything adventurous or exciting. She writes Environmental Simulator programs covering many subjects. She loves learning new things and actively seeks experiences when possible.

Personal History Year Conversion: Maltosian-Terran: 2.05/1
Legend: Age M./Age T. - Event

0/0 - Born

4/8.2 - Mastered Basic Shifting (animate, same mass)

6/12.3 - Mastered Intermediate Shifting (animate, all)

9/18.45 - Mastered Secondary Basic Shifting (inanimate, same mass)

11/22.55 - Mastered Complete Shift (all)

16/32.8 - Finished Primary Schooling (equivalent: Kindergarten through High School)

20/41 - Finished Secondary Schooling (equivalent: College)

21/43.05 - Gained employment by the Interstellar Exploration Commission (IEC) as a Space Traffic Controller

23/47.15 - Decided that she wanted to explore more and began training as Pilot

26/53.3 - Finished Pilot’s training, obtained license

27/55.35 - Bought her own ship and went in search of new things and people

30/61.5 - Came across one of the Planetary Union’s ships and followed it, DarkShielded (cloaked)

30-36/61.5-73.8 - Watched and studied the Union

36/73.8 - Returned to the fringe of their space, decloaked and entered officially, seeking opportunity for exploration and employment. Was told she needed to attend Union Point if she wanted to be part of their fleet.

37-38.95/75.85-79.85 - Attended and graduated Union Point

39/79.95 - Began service as Ensign and Shuttle Control Officer on the USS Russell

42/86.1 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferred to the USS Savery as Assistant Chief Shuttle Control Officer

45/92.25 - Promoted to Lieutenant and Chief Shuttle Control Officer

46/94.3 - Reassigned to Mining Station 42 as Chief Operations Officer (oddly the same job but with different title)
Service Record USS Russell - Ensign
USS Savery - Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant
Union Mining Station 42 - Lieutenant (Current)