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Ensign Qualt Vonn

Name Qualt Vonn

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Xelayan
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Green
Physical Description Qualt is always concerned about his physical shape. He is well-muscled, like most of his species and although not the tallest, he is still a force to be reckoned with. His hair is a dark brown in color and his eyes are a dark green, so dark that they often appear to be brown.


Father Lyr Vonn
Mother Jeliss Vonn

Personality & Traits

General Overview Qualt is a dedicated officer, but he suffers from several personality flaws that have managed to get his fast tracked to nowhere. If the Xelayans believed in ADD then Qualt would be their poster child. He has a hard time focusing on much of anything unless you are talking specifically about something that he's interested in. He has an amazing ability to tune out everything around him when he's not interested.

He's fairly easy to get along with as long as he's not bored or angry. He's got a good sense of humor and loves a good joke and a good drink after his shift. Not only does he have ADD when it comes to his life, but he can have it with relationships as well and has had a tendency to get a reputation for being a playboy on whatever assignment he is currently serving on. He also quickly becomes known for fighting.
Strengths & Weaknesses Qualt is a dedicated officer and takes his work in Engineering very seriously. He's got a quick mind and seems to know his stuff.

Qualt is also easily distracted and has a hard time staying focused on things that don't interest him. He also has a tendency to be physically aggressive when offended or angered.
Ambitions Qualt would desperately like to make Lieutenant JG. He knows that he is holding himself back, but he's not sure how to change the cycle of his behaviors.
Hobbies & Interests Fighting. Qualt loves anything that has to do with any sort of fighting style and considers himself an expert in several. It's even possible that he might be right. He also loves contests of strength, be that human or animal. He will happily watch fights or races of any sort.

Qualt likes to body build, work out, hike and practice his fighting skills. Even though he seems like he's a mostly physically focused guy, he still does have a deep love of engines and theory and will spend time keeping up to date on current engines and specs.

Personal History Qualt Vonn was born on Xelaya in the year 2394. His parents were a rather unusual house. His father worked for the military and his mother worked for the government, a rather unlikely union on Xelaya since the muscle and the intellectual usually don't mix. However, it worked in the case of Qualt's parents. Because of this background, his parents were more open minded when it came to Qualt choosing a career. He was allowed to do as he wished.

Much to their surprise, their only son chose to do both. He was interested in the intellectual pursuits of Engineering and Quantum Theory, as well as the physical abilities of the military. Trying to suit his needs they decided that perhaps Union Point would be the best option for him, and with so much available to him there he might be able to focus his mind and really make something of himself.

He did graduate Union Point, but did not make it through Command training and was constantly fighting with professors and other students, sometime physically. He tried joining several sports teams, but was often accused of being too aggressive even for them. His high grades, however, kept him firmly in school, despite his argumentative nature.

He was assigned to several ships out school, but he only made it on each of them for about a year before things were bad enough that the commanding officer was ready to pawn him off on someone else. He was constantly passed up for promotion which is why he remains an Ensign even though he's been in the Union service for four years, not including schooling.

The Union, unsure of what to do with such a problem and knowing that he would never be officer material made a last ditch effort and sent Qualt to the Union Mining Station Number 42 in hopes that maybe the situation there would better suit his personality.
Service Record Born 2394 - Xelaya

2412-2416 - Union Point

2416 - Failed Command Training

2417 - Assigned to the USS Bishop (written up and reassigned for punching a superior officer)

2418 - Assigned to the USS Watt (written up and reassigned after abandoning his post several times) (he was bored)

2419 - Assigned to the USS Babbage (written up and reassigned after punching a fellow crew member and abandoning his post)

2420 - Assigned to the Union Mining Station Number 42