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Captain Cayne Morrigan

Name Cayne Zavis Morrigan

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft.
Weight 225 lbs.
Hair Color Salt and Pepper
Eye Color Intense Blue
Physical Description Captain Cayne Morrigan makes a rather impressive figure at 6ft. He is broad chested and broad shouldered. His hair is salt and pepper with more salt than pepper really. He wears a neatly trimmed beard and moustache. His eyes are ice blue. Some have said that he can express all of his emotion with just a look, most of those rumors have to do with the intense color of his eyes. Captain Morrigan might have the capacity to bite his tongue, but his facial expression will say it all for him.


Spouse Janessa Civit-Morrigan (Divorced)
Children Brandon Javvik Morrigan (Deceased)
Father Gregory Cayne Morrigan
Mother Lucia Anise Morrigan
Brother(s) Rayndal Gregory Morrigan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cayne is usually pretty easy to get along with unless you cross him or make him feel stupid. He has a pretty good sized ego, despite his difficulties in his career. When he feels he’s right about something then he’s right and it’s very difficult to change his mind. He does believe in the principals of the Planetary Union. He also believes that people can be rehabilitated with the right kind of guidance. He also believes that he might just be the right man to do that because of his experiences. Cayne has a really hard time hiding his emotions. He is very capable of biting his tongue or holding his temper, but his facial expressions he cannot hide, so his true feelings are often laid bare by his face.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Loyal, hopeful, determined, caring, dedicated
Weaknesses: Stubborn, willful, arrogant
Hobbies & Interests Golf, sculpting, and mountain climbing are some of Cayne’s favorite activities. He is also a passionate lover of cheese, although, he is lactose intolerant. His favorite leisure activity is wind sailing, but he gets seasick. He was a mycologist. He grows his own mold and cultures to create his own cheeses.

Personal History Cayne Zavis Morrigan was born in Montpelier, Vermont on March 1st, 2373. He was raised in a very privileged lifestyle. His parents owned the best of the best and neither Cayne nor his brother Rayndal were want for anything. Their mother, Lucia, is a designer of couture clothing and was often gone while the boys were growing up. Their father, Gregory, was in the military and was also never home, leaving the boys to be raised by nannies and tutors.

When it was time for Cayne to go to college, he had already discovered what he thought would be his career in life. Cheesemaker! He was sent to the finest culinary academy and even though he loved school, he was never really satisfied. More than anything he wanted to create his own brands and blends of cheeses, but his desire for everything to be perfect meant that nothing ever really got done.

Disillusioned with school, Cayne spent some time being bohemian on beaches and flying increasingly faster and faster ships. The one good thing that came from his year of freedom was that he met and married the woman of his dreams. Lucia Anise Rylea was a registered nurse and they met and married in a whirlwind romance.

A year later Cayne was looking for stable work, talking about supporting his family and creating a life for them. The Planetary Union looked promising and after some discussion with his pregnant wife, he enlisted. Cayne was a good officer. Boot camp put him in the best shape of his life and he was a hard worker. His tenacity and loyalty took him a long way quickly.

He was assigned his first starship right out of training. His first ship was the USS Socrates. He spent five years as a Science officer from the rank of Ensign to the rank of Lieutenant. His commanding officer, Captain Eric Bartlett, was impressed with the young man’s service and sent him to his next assignment with glowing recommendations.

Captain Vann Harl of the USS Plato requested Cayne as a first officer and he was granted his request. Cayne was more than eager to advance his career, feeling that he was helping to create a better world for his family. Meanwhile, back on Earth, his wife and son are moved to a new colony on Rana 3 that needed medical personnel. Two years later, Cayne was offered his own command.

As Captain of the USS Tesla Cayne found himself in his element. He successfully carried out many missions in the name of the Planetary Union that involved settling new colonies, meeting new species, and exploratory forays into uncharted space. He fought of attackers and made new friends for the Union. He quickly became one of their most decorated officers, for five successful years.

In 2413, Rana 3 was attacked by Krill raiders in one of the very first attacks of many that the Krill would execute. Lucia and Rayndal were both killed in the raid. When Captain Cayne received the news of his wife and son’s deaths he lost his mind. Ravaged with grief he rushed the Krill territory and destroyed all of their colonies on a planet close to the border. The number of casualties from his attacks is still unknown, but the Krill were highly offended and the Planetary Union was forced to take action. They stripped Cayne of his ship and rank and imprisoned him on a penal colony for what was supposed to be life.

Four years later, much to his surprise, Cayne was released from prison. He didn’t argue and spent a year trying to scratch out an existence in a world that saw him as a criminal. Exactly one year after his release he was summoned to the Headquarters of the Planetary Union.
Service Record March 1st, 2373 - Born, Montpelier, Virginia

2391-2395 - Institute of Culinary Education, New York City, New York

2395 - Met and married Lucia Anise Morrigan

2396 - Enlisted with the Planetary Union
Rayndal Gregory Morrigan born

2398 - 2403 - Assigned Ensign - Lieutenant, USS Socrates

2403 - 2408 - Assigned Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander, USS Plato

2406 - Lucia and Rayndal move to Rana 3

2408 - 2413 - Assigned Captain, USS Tesla

2413 - Lucia and Rayndal killed in a Krill raid. Cayne loses his shit and goes on a killing spree

2414 - 2418 - Union Prison Colony Number 24

2419 - Assigned Commander at Union Mining Station Number 42